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BYD introduces first pickup truck model in Mexico

iconMay 15, 2024 20:48
On May 14, BYD introduced its first-ever pickup truck, the BYD SHARK, in Mexico. Marketed as a new energy intelligent luxury pickup, the BYD SHARK is built on the DMO Super Hybrid Off-road Platform.

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- On May 14, BYD introduced its first-ever pickup truck, the BYD SHARK, in Mexico. Marketed as a new energy intelligent luxury pickup, the BYD SHARK is built on the DMO Super Hybrid Off-road Platform, adding a significant innovation to BYD's product lineup. This model, designed for a global audience, marks BYD's first international product launch outside of China, aiming to revolutionize the global plug-in hybrid pickup market with its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features.

The company revealed that the BYD SHARK will land in more countries and regions in the near future.

Stella Li, Executive Vice President of BYD and CEO of BYD Americas, remarked, "As a global leader in new energy technology, BYD is dedicated to creating innovative solutions for users worldwide. With the introduction of our first new energy pickup, the BYD SHARK, we are set to redefine the conventional fuel pickup market through advanced technology, offering users a lifestyle full of limitless opportunities. BYD is now ushering in the era of the global new energy pickup."

The BYD SHARK is a mid-to-large size pickup with a 3,260-millimeter wheelbase. Under the guidance of BYD Design Director Wolfgang Egger, its design draws inspiration from sharks, combining futuristic technology with raw power. The front features full-length LED lights reminiscent of a shark's open mouth, giving it a fierce presence. The side proportions, marked by fluid body lines, mimic the graceful movement of a shark, while the rear's through-type tail light, inspired by a shark's fin, blends natural and technological aesthetics.

The interior, designed by BYD Interior Design Director Michele Jauch-Paganetti, takes cues from spaceship consoles, featuring a 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel and a 12.8-inch adaptive rotating screen. The rear seats, with a 27-degree recline, offer a blend of comfort and luxury technology within an intelligent cockpit.

The DMO Super Hybrid Off-road Platform, a core technology of BYD SHARK, combines rugged off-road capability, safety features, and SUV-like comfort with impressive energy efficiency. This platform integrates a hybrid-specific non-load-bearing frame, the world's first longitudinal EHS drive assembly, Cell to Chassis (CTC) technology, rear-wheel drive assembly for pickups, and double-wishbone independent suspension, balancing performance and comfort, said BYD.

The BYD SHARK's powertrain, featuring a dedicated rear-drive system, EHS electric hybrid system, and a 1.5T high-power engine, achieves over 430 horsepower, comparable to a 4.0L V8 engine. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in just 5.7 seconds. Besides, the intelligent electric AWD system adjusts torque distribution in milliseconds, ensuring optimal performance on diverse road surfaces. This results in a significant shift from conventional fuel-based AWD systems, enhancing reliability and ease for off-road adventures.

Moreover, the DMO technology also reduces energy consumption and environmental impact. According to the automaker, the BYD SHARK achieves a 40% reduction in fuel consumption compared to other pickups in its class, even at low battery levels. As a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle model, it offers a combined range of 840 km under NEDC conditions and a battery-power-alone range of 100 km, suitable for both urban and long-distance travel.

The BYD SHARK integrates the ultra-safe Blade Battery and a high-strength steel frame through CTC technology, ensuring robust protection. The Blade Battery serves as both an energy unit and a structural component, enhancing battery and vehicle safety with multi-layered defense. A 22% increase in body torsional rigidity significantly improves handling and stability on challenging off-road terrain.

The double-wishbone independent suspension system at both ends balances driving agility and passenger comfort, offering an exceptional driving experience. Built on the DM super hybrid technology architecture, the motor-driven mode operates in over 80% of conditions, ensuring a quiet and smooth journey. The vehicle's VTOL (vehicle-to-load) function transforms it into a "mobile power station," meeting diverse outdoor power needs.

The BYD SHARK's intelligent cockpit integrates with a vast ecosystem, featuring voice control for managing driving modes, air conditioning, music playback, and other functions, enhancing convenience and comfort. The BYD Cloud Services allow users to remotely manage their vehicle, pre-activate air conditioning, and adjust seat settings via mobile devices. In addition, the NFC digital key technology enables keyless access.

Moreover, a head-up display provides constant access to crucial driving information, so as to augment safety. A 540-degree ultra-wide-angle panoramic view camera helps drivers navigate off-road paths, simplifying path selection during off-roading.

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