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YANGWANG U9 all-electric supercar hits market, priced at 1.68 million yuan

iconFeb 26, 2024 13:48
On February 25th, YANGWANG, the luxury new energy vehicle brand under BYD, officially put its all-electric performance supercar, the YANGWANG U9, onto the market, with a price of 1.68 million yuan.

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- On February 25th, YANGWANG, the luxury new energy vehicle brand under BYD, officially put its all-electric performance supercar, the YANGWANG U9, onto the market, with a price of 1.68 million yuan.

Embodying the "Time Gate" design language, the YANGWANG U9 showcases unique proportions, tension, and a sense of power, presenting a distinctive character as a pure electric performance supercar. The U9 offers three exterior paint options, complemented by three interior color choices, with deliveries set to commence in the middle of the year. Users can place orders through various channels, including YANGWANG’s official app, mini-program, and official website.

The YANGWANG U9 comes equipped with two core technologies: the e4 Platform and the DiSus-X Intelligent Body Control System. With a new drive source and power control mode, the U9 delivers exceptional handling performance while ensuring comfort for everyday driving, said the automaker.

With a maximum horsepower exceeding 1,300 PS and a peak torque of 1,680N·m, the YANGWANG U9 utilizes the e4 Platform, enabling rapid intelligent adjustment of the vehicle's dynamic response through four-wheel torque vectoring control. The e4 Platform enhances stability during daily driving, ensuring safety for users.

The DiSus-X system, applied in a complete vehicle for the first time, allows the YANGWANG U9 to achieve a maximum adjustment stroke of 75mm, a single-axis lifting speed of up to 500mm/s, and a maximum single-wheel lifting force exceeding 1 tonne, enabling the U9 to perform jumps in place. This capability ensures the model can easily adjust its body posture, effectively suppressing tilting, pitching, and nodding during high-speed turns and abrupt acceleration or deceleration, thereby enhancing the comfort and passability of the supercar under various road conditions.

From the e4 Platform and the DiSus-X system to features like doors, lights, and seats, the YANGWANG U9 offers a wealth of customizable modules, creating personalized interactive expressions in various scenes and modes, enhancing playfulness and entertainment.

According to the carmaker, the latest speed test of the YANGWANG U9 reached 309.19 km/h, with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.36 seconds and a 0-400m acceleration time of only 9.78 seconds. Thanks to excellent overall thermal management capabilities, the U9 can withstand continuous high-load usage conditions, exhibiting catapult capabilities without limitations or degradation.

After extensive track testing, YANGWANG tailored the entire vehicle thermal management system for the U9 model, achieving a 100% increase in maximum cooling capacity. The Blade battery supports continuous high-rate discharge, efficient cooling, battery overcharging, and temperature control, ensuring the U9's performance remains consistent. The innovative dual-gun fast-charging technology provides a maximum charging power of 500 kW, enabling quick departures after brief preparations.

The new car features 12 sets of active and passive aerodynamic kits, distributing downforce across the vehicle for improved aerodynamics and heat dissipation efficiency. Specifically designed for high-temperature conditions in track braking systems, the YANGWANG U9 incorporates a dedicated aerodynamic kit and cooling air duct, tripling the heat dissipation airflow of the brake discs. The in-house developed carbon-ceramic brake discs, standard across the series, reduce unsprung mass and prevent performance degradation due to high temperatures.

The YANGWANG U9, with its super carbon cockpit, hybrid structure, and the latest CTB (cell-to-body) technology, achieves a measured torsional stiffness of 54,425 N·m/° and a single-side compressive load exceeding 11 tonnes on the top cover. The model will also feature the latest DiPilot intelligent driving system, equipped with active safety configurations such as front and rear collision warnings, automatic braking, lane-keeping, and lane departure warnings. The car includes 8 airbags, ensuring comprehensive safety.

Adopting the top-notch DiLink150 intelligent platform for sports cars with a bespoke 4nm process chip, the YANGWANG U9 introduces the DiPilot intelligent racing assistant function, providing a complete track driving service covering nearly 30 circuit tracks in China. This assists drivers with pre-race preparation and post-race analysis, facilitating continuous improvement from each track experience.

Beyond its racing capabilities, the YANGWANG U9 offers a spacious cabin, dual-surround cockpit, precision-designed layout, and 14-way adjustable seats for a more comfortable driving experience and immersive feel. The UI design combines modern minimalism with futuristic technology expressions, along with multiple preset themes, enhancing the pleasure and personalized experience of driving.

What's more, the the DiSus-X Intelligent Body Control System allows users to activate the "Dance Mode" with a single click, enabling the YANGWANG U9 to play music and dance in synchronization. The U9's initial mass-produced units will come standard with three entertaining features: "Dance Mode," "Showcase at Will," and "Track Warm-up."

In the future, YANGWANG plans to collaborate with various artists to continuously create and release more fun and limited "optional" features.

YANGWANG revealed that it is also actively developing voice control and interactive functions for the U9, allowing users to customize quick commands and use "on-track programming" to express their aesthetic and emotional preferences. More personalized features will be rolled out in stages.

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