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NIO begins pre-sale for 2024 vehicle models

iconFeb 22, 2024 18:21
On Feb.22, NIO announced via its WeChat account the commencement of the order lock-ins for its 2024 models, including the ES8, ES7, EC7, ES6, EC6, ET5, and ET5T, with unchanged starting prices.

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- On Feb.22, NIO announced via its WeChat account the commencement of the order lock-ins for its 2024 models, including the ES8, ES7, EC7, ES6, EC6, ET5, and ET5T, with unchanged starting prices.

Notably, deliveries for the 2024 ES8, EC7, ES6, EC6, and ET5T are set to commence in March 2024, followed by the ET5 in April and the ES7 in May. Moreover, the 2024 ET7 is slated for release in April with its order lock-in initiating at the same time.

The forthcoming 2024 models from NIO will be equipped with the innovative ADAM central computing platform, featuring the 4th-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon cockpit chip (SA8295P). 

The 8295 chip boasts impressive improvements compared to the 8155 chip, with approximately a twofold increase in CPU power, a threefold increase in GPU power, and an eightfold increase in AI capabilities. The 2024 NIO models will continue to integrate four NVIDIA Orin X chips, totaling 68 billion transistors and achieving a remarkable computing power of 1,016 TOPS.

The ADAM central computing platform is designed to consolidate functionalities from various domains, significantly reducing the number of controllers. Leveraging system-level innovations, it facilitates a shared computing power of up to 256 TOPS for intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, and overall vehicle control, enhancing task efficiency through specialized processing.

Additionally, the ADAM platform's cross-domain computing power sharing enables support for NOMI GPT, representing an industry-first pure on-device deployment of a multimodal perception model. NOMI GPT, a standout feature, enables the recognition of thousands of objects through in-car cameras without the need for internet connectivity, ensuring rapid response and enhanced privacy. Beyond conventional queries and information retrieval, users can now issue commands to NOMI through descriptive cues, showcasing a significant leap in user interaction.

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