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Top stories of Chery Holding in 2023

iconFeb 10, 2024 07:00
Top stories of Chery Holding in 2023

The Chinese automotive market in 2023 experienced significant turbulence, marked by accelerated electrification progress, enhanced onboard intelligence features, and intensifying price wars.

While domestic automakers surged forward collectively, Chery Holding, as a prominent representative among traditional automakers in China, delivered an impressive performance in 2023, with substantial growth in the new energy vehicle market and commendable achievements overseas.

Gasgoo recently conducted an annual assessment for 2023, spotlighting major automotive companies and component manufacturers. This article revisits the notable occurrences that defined Chery Holding's journey throughout last year.

Chery Holding achieves highest-ever sales in 2023, surpassing 1.88 million units

Chery Holding released its annual sales report for 2023, closing the year with a remarkable performance. With 215,690 vehicles sold in December, the group has seen consecutive month-on-month growth for 12 months last year.

Chery Fulwin T9 plug-in hybrid electric SUV rolls off line

Fulwin, the new energy vehicle range of Chery, saw the first T9 vehicle roll off the assembly line at the Chery Qingdao intelligent factory on December 28.

Chery kicks off pre-sale of Fulwin A8 new energy sedan, starting at 130,000 yuan

On December 24, Chery's new energy vehicle range, Fulwin (also known as 'Fengyun' in Chinese), officially kicked off pre-sale for its first flagship model, the Fulwin A8 sedan’s 127 Extended Range edition, with a price range of 130,000 yuan to 150,000 yuan.

Chery EXEED puts STERRA ES onto market, starting at 225,800 yuan

On December 20, the STERRA ES from Chery's EXEED brand hit the market with five different trim levels, priced from 225,800 yuan to 339,800 yuan.

Chery iCAR 03 Smart Driving Edition adopts DJI Automotive’s pure-vision intelligent driving solution

On December 18, 2023, Chery New Energy kicked off pre-sale of the iCAR 03 Smart Driving Edition, marking the world's inaugural mass-produced vehicle equipped with advanced intelligent driving capabilities relying solely on biologically inspired binocular pure vision sensors, as confirmed by the system’s supplier, DJI Automotive.

Huawei invites SERES, Chery, JAC, BAIC to join new automotive venture

At the recent Luxeed S7 and Huawei's Full-Scene New Product Launch on November 28, Yu Chengdong, CEO of the Consumer BG, Chairman of the Intelligent Automotive Solution Business Unit (IAS BU), stated Huawei's intention for its car BU to operate independently.

Huawei & Chery’s Luxeed S7 electric sedan begins pre-sale, starting at 258,000 yuan

On November 9, Huawei and Chery kicked off pre-sale of their collaborative masterpiece, the Luxeed S7, which is also the inaugural electric sedan model from Huawei Smart Selection's automotive endeavors.

Chery shares latest technological advancements at 2023 Chery Technology Day

On October 16, 2023, Chinese automaker Chery Holding held its 2023 Technology Day event where it unveiled the latest technological advancements under the Yaoguang 2025 Technology suite.

Chery debuts multiple models at Geneva International Motor Show

On October 5, the Geneva International Motor Show 2023 was opened in Doha, Qatar, featuring a dazzling display from Chinese automaker Chery Holding. Chery Holding showcased a diverse lineup of its CHERY, EXEED, and JAECOO brands, demonstrating its prowess in pure electric, hybrid, and conventional fuel vehicles.

Chery JETOUR puts Traveler light off-roader on sale, starting at 139,900 yuan

On Tuesday, JETOUR, Chery Holding’s SUV-dedicated brand, officially put the Traveler light off-road SUV onto the market. The Traveler embodies JETOUR's vision of providing a comfortable and liberating travel experience to its customers.

Chery eQ7 electric SUV hits market, starting at 129,900 yuan

On September 12, 2023, Chery officially put its Shuxiangjia pure-electric SUV onto the market. The name “Shuxiangjia” is the model’s official Chinese name, while it is also known as the Chery eQ7 in English.

iFLYTEK's Spark AI large model to be deployed onto Chery's STERRA ES model

On August 17, a significant event was held by iFLYTEK and Chery to announce the installation of the former’s Spark AI cognitive large model onto the latter’s EXEED STERRA ES vehicle model. This collaboration between the smart speech solution developer and the automaker brings vehicles closer to "thinking like humans."

Chery Holding Group ranks 168th on 2023 Fortune China 500 List

The 2023 Fortune China 500 list was unveiled on July 25, featuring both public and non-public enterprises that applied for the ranking this year. Making its debut on the list, Chery Holding Group, with a revenue of $22.3015 billion, secured the 168th position.

Chery Auto plans to build factories in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand

Chery Automobile, the renowned Chinese automaker, unveiled its strategic plans for the ASEAN market during the China-ASEAN Forum on Emerging Industries on July 5.

Chery’s Kunpeng Electric Hybrid C-DM dedicated engines, transmissions roll off line

On June 2, Chery Auto held a ceremony to celebrate the Kunpeng Super Performance Electric Hybrid C-DM dedicated engines and transmissions rolling off the production line, indicating Chery’s comprehensive entry into a new era of electric hybrid performance.

Chery Holding, CATARC build several joint labs for smart NEV technologies

On April 25, China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC) and Chinese major automaker Chery Holding formed a partnership that covers such fields as automotive engineering technology services, digital business, information services, public services, and overseas deployment.

Chery Holding introduces iCAR new energy vehicle brand

On April 16, Chery Holding held a launch event for its iCAR new energy vehicle-dedicated brand, and unveiled two of the first iCAR vehicle models at the same time.

Chery Holding launches new energy vehicle-dedicated strategy

On April 7, Chery Holding released new strategies, new technologies, new brands, and new products in the new energy vehicle (NEV) field under the "Yao Guang 2025" strategic empowerment at an event held in Beijing.

Chery Automobile introduces ‘Mars Architecture’ super hybrid platform

On February 27, Chery Automobile launched the Mars Architecture - Super Hybrid Platform, and the Tiggo 9 SUV, which rides on the platform, at an event in Beijing.

Chery so far ships 2.4 million vehicles overseas

During the just ended Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, Chery Holding Group (Chery) successively shipped 24,000 vehicles to eleven countries in Europe, Central Asia, Australia, and South America, the automaker disclosed on January 30.

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