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Bobby Bartz Machinery and equipment Company invites you to gather together at the 17th International Aluminum Summit in 2022!

iconApr 23, 2022 15:59

After years of development, the international competitiveness of China's aluminum industry in terms of industrial scale, technology and equipment continues to rise. In recent years, the dual-carbon goal has accelerated the transformation of green and low-carbon development in the metal industry. Intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of the construction of China's manufacturing power. the competitiveness of the equipment manufacturing industry depends on the ability of product design and development. Good industrial design is the "core technology" of enterprises and an important weapon for continuous development and innovation of enterprises. Bobby Bartz (Shanghai) Machinery and equipment Co., Ltd., as a professional aluminum processing equipment, will fully support the 17th International Aluminum Summit of Shanghai Nonferrous Network to be held in Suzhou on May 10-12, 2022. Discuss the transformation and upgrading of the industry with the majority of aluminum industry colleagues and lead the technological progress of the industry.

Established in 2014, Bobby Bartz (Shanghai) Machinery equipment Co., Ltd. is a new platform for advanced aluminum processing equipment of Germany Bartz Machinery equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

For more than 20 years, the company's partner Bartz Machinery and equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Germany has been innovating around aluminum casting technology and is committed to providing users with reliable aluminum processing equipment. In the process of the modernization of aluminum processing equipment, Bartz has developed energy-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly equipment, and provides sustainable engineering solutions. Rich industry experience, unique technology, and measures to protect the natural environment are the basic guarantee of Bobby Bartz's success and sustainable development.

The company's core products

Paint stripping furnace (Decoater) contains mechanical aluminum waste (such as easy-to-pull can material, door and window material, turning material, sheet, etc.) through pyrolysis process to remove organic coating (such as paper, oil, ink, paint, plastic and other pollutants), hot gas will degrade the coating into basic components (carbon, oil and gas). The heat generated by these basic components is used to heat the pyrolysis device, namely rotary kiln.

In the rotary kiln, the hot gas is injected into the furnace to heat the waste through the entrance of the gas. This kind of gas contains VOC (volatile organic compounds). After passing through the combustion chamber, a large part of the combustion is returned to the rotary kiln (pyrolysis device), thus forming a recycling loop.

Some harmful gases such as dioxins, organic carbon and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons produced by treating aluminum wastes containing organic matter are treated at high temperature in a regenerative high temperature incinerator (RTO) to meet the emission standards.

Paint stripping furnace (Decoater)

Denitrification equipment (SCR) the scope of application of the SCR plant includes engines, combustion plants, chemical, petrochemical and metallurgical processing equipment, as well as hazardous waste and residue incineration equipment and industrial applications for NOx reduction in other processes. Our high-performance SCR units use urea solution, ammonia or ammonia as reducing agents and meet the strictest international air purity standards.

Denitrification equipment (SCR)

As a Sino-German joint venture, Bobby Bartz (Shanghai) Machinery and equipment Co., Ltd. has great technical advantages and flexibility, can draw on the advanced technology, ideas and experience of German partners, and the equipment can adopt domestic cooperative manufacturing mode. to provide users with reliable quality and reasonable price of aluminum processing equipment, at the same time can also undertake the construction, installation and commissioning of the "turnkey" project and follow-up after-sales service Such as equipment maintenance and spare parts supply.

So far, the company has provided aluminum plate casting machine, sawing line, ultrasonic flaw detection line and other equipment to domestic aviation aluminum plate manufacturers. Bobby Bartz (Shanghai) Machinery and equipment Co., Ltd. looks forward to providing more advanced, environmental protection and energy-saving equipment for China's non-ferrous metals industry in the future!

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