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Diqing Nonferrous 5G Edge data Center was selected as a typical case list of national new data centers.

iconApr 16, 2022 15:38

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released a list of typical cases of the new national data center in 2021. The 5G Edge data Center of Yunnan Diqing Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. was included in the list, which is the only case in Yunnan Province.

Diqing Nonferrous 5G Edge data Center covers an area of 150 square meters, and the computer room is built in accordance with the B-level standard of electronic information system computer room. it is the first 5G intelligent mine project in high altitude area in China. In the specific implementation, the center has completed a series of work such as 5G construction and technical verification, built a 5G industrial special network, and debugged the intelligent equipment and intelligent control system for mine production, so that the industrial application of 5G intelligent mine has been successfully landed. Since it was put into application, the center has served the whole mine network, video, 5G and all kinds of information intelligent application systems of Diqing Nonferrous Pulang Copper Mine, using "5G special network + cloud + DICT" data free flow to open up the data communication and transmission among various systems, realizing the unmanned remote control of underground rail locomotives and trackless scraper equipment, and using science and technology to improve the essential and safe production level of the mine.

This selection is a key link in the construction of Diqing non-ferrous intelligent mine, which will help the company's intelligent mine construction into the fast lane. On the basis of this platform, while stabilizing the application of 5G + rail transportation self-driving system, 5G + scraper self-driving system and 5G + underground VoLTE video call application in Pulang Copper Mine, the company will further expand the "5G + intelligent" industrial application field, continue to create a number of intelligent mine innovative industrial applications and company management applications, continuously improve production efficiency, further enhance production management efficiency, and improve the level of essential safety. To speed up the construction of world-class copper mines to add new scientific and technological momentum.

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