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Sichuan Samsung New material Technology Co., Ltd. joined hands with SMM to produce "2022 Guide to the Application of Aluminum Alloy Materials for Automobiles in China".
Mar 12, 2022 16:18CST

Driven by the goal of "double carbon" and the policy of new energy automobile industry, aluminum materials for automobiles have also ushered in new development opportunities and will maintain a high growth trend in the future. Shanghai Nonferrous Network focuses on the development direction of the industry, integrates resources for domestic and foreign purchasers of aluminum alloy materials for new energy vehicles, and provides an authoritative and comprehensive Guide to the Application of Aluminum Alloy Materials for Automobiles in China in 2022. Shanghai Nonferrous Network now sends an invitation to high-quality enterprises in the domestic industrial chain (rolled aluminum alloy enterprises, casting aluminum alloy enterprises, extruded aluminum alloy enterprises, equipment enterprises, etc.) to jointly produce this edition of the guide. Jointly make its own contribution to the healthy and orderly development of "guiding the orderly development of the new energy vehicle industry, promoting the establishment of a national unified market, and improving industrial concentration and market competitiveness". Sichuan Samsung New material Technology Co., Ltd., a professional supplier of beryllium copper alloy, actively participated in the joint production of the guide to promote the high-quality upgrading of the industrial chain.

Sichuan Samsung New material Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is located in the third section of Shenzhen Road, Guanghan City, Sichuan Province. The company is committed to the R & D and production of energy-saving and environment-friendly aluminum alloy building profiles and high-performance aluminum alloy industrial profiles.

The company has won many honors such as China's top ten industrial aluminum profiles, China's top ten construction aluminum profiles, as well as Sichuan quality Award, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology brand cultivation enterprises and many other honors. "Sanxingdui" brand products have won many Sichuan famous brand products and China non-ferrous metal physical gold cup awards. As a member of the National Nonferrous Metals Standardization Committee, the company has fully participated in the drafting, revision and examination of industry standards and national standards, and has been awarded the "GB/T5237" aluminum alloy building profile "national standard development and innovation demonstration base".

The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and IATF16949 four system management certification, and the laboratory has passed CNAS certification. The company adheres to the management policy of "customer-oriented, pursuing customer satisfaction, people-oriented, ensuring health and environmental protection, ensuring quality assurance, persisting in continuous improvement, testifying products and fulfilling social responsibility". Take the values of "integrity, innovation, responsibility and excellence" as the beliefs and norms that enterprise employees abide by. To build the company into the most influential, large-scale and powerful enterprise in China's aluminum processing industry.

The company has regenerative energy-saving aluminum melting furnace, equal horizontal close row hot top caster system, on-line melt refining technology, extrusion production line equipped with advanced on-line quenching system and double traction system, powder spraying production line, fluorocarbon paint spraying production line, electrophoretic oxidation production line, strip-piercing and gel injection thermal insulation aluminum profile production line, vacuum transfer printing (wood grain) aluminum profile production line, It has international advanced production equipment such as domestic top vertical quenching production line for matching heat treatment of industrial profiles, multi-roll straightening of special aluminum alloy tube and bar, drawing and finishing production line, etc. Equipped with direct reading spectrometer, metallographic microscope, film tester, Wechsler hardness tester, tensile testing machine, high and low temperature box, constant temperature and humidity chamber, salt spray test chamber, xenon lamp aging testing chamber, UV aging testing chamber, spray grinding testing machine, Vickers hardness tester, high precision section scanner, high temperature lasting load testing machine and other international advanced testing instruments.

The company can produce all kinds of aluminum alloy tubes, rods, shapes, row materials, nearly 30 kinds of alloys, varieties and specifications up to more than 10,000 kinds. The main products are divided into two categories: architectural aluminum alloy profiles and industrial aluminum alloy profiles, in which architectural curtain wall profiles include open frame curtain wall, hidden frame curtain wall, semi-hidden frame curtain wall and unit curtain wall. building doors and windows profiles and decorative profiles include flat doors and windows, sliding doors and windows, floor spring doors, various types of railings; Industrial profiles are widely used in machinery, electric power, transportation, military industry, aviation, chemical industry, medical treatment, communications, vehicles, ships, lighting, home appliances, advertising, furniture, new energy and other fields.

The company adheres to technology and product innovation, adheres to the R & D concept of "environmental protection and energy saving, functional diversification and humanization", and has formulated a gradient R & D strategy for new products and new technologies. The company pays close attention to the current and future aluminum alloy processing cutting-edge technology, market future demand, planned and purposeful to carry out forward-looking basic research, product research and development, so as to lay a good technical foundation for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

The company actively practices the environment-friendly social responsibility, implements the environmental protection concept of 'green water and green mountains, that is, Jinshan and Yinshan' social development, the company's production energy saving level has reached the highest level of national standards, the whole process of the production chain is innocuous and harmless, the products meet the requirements of RoHS and REACH, and realize the harmonious symbiosis of enterprises, communities and the environment.

The company always adheres to the principles of "three high and two strict": high starting point, high standard, high guarantee ability, strictly controlled process, strict inspection, and forge ahead. Closely around the "diligence to change the world, integrity to win the world, quality improvement of the world, service to move the world, science and technology to create the world, competition to challenge the world, wisdom to conquer the world" business philosophy, strive to create a century-old enterprise.

The company has always been in line with the business principle of "quality first, customer first, integrity-based, mutual benefit", making friends and serving all walks of life wholeheartedly!

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