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The annual meeting of SMM metal industry in 2021 is about to set sail. Ping an Bank Shanghai Branch will make every effort to carry together.
Nov 4, 2021 19:41CST

The "14th five-year Plan" period will be a major historical turning point for China to face a change not seen in a century. "carbon peak in 2030 and carbon neutralization in 2060" will certainly set off an extensive and profound change in the non-ferrous industry. In order to help industry colleagues grasp the development trend of the non-ferrous industry and the trend of long-term contract negotiations, and reduce the transaction costs of enterprise games, (SMM) will hold the 2021 China Nonferrous Metals Industry Annual meeting and long single Carnival in Shanghai from November 10 to 12. We sincerely invite you to attend to witness the development opportunity of "making the world more colored and non-ferrous metal greener" under the industrial founding policy.

At the same time, while working hard for the development of the non-ferrous metals industry, Ping an Bank Shanghai Branch will be dressed as a supporting unit to improve the industrial ecosystem and promote the quality and efficiency of the industry.

Ping an Bank Co., Ltd. is a national joint-stock commercial bank headquartered in Shenzhen (Shenzhen Stock Exchange: ping an Bank, stock code 000001). Its predecessor is Shenzhen Development Bank Co., Ltd., which absorbed and merged the former Ping an Bank in June 2012 and changed its name to Ping an Bank in July of the same year. China Ping an Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries hold a total of 58% of Ping an Bank and are the controlling shareholders of Ping an Bank.

By the end of 2019, the bank had a total of 34253 employees (including 813 dispatched personnel) and 91 branches (including Hong Kong branches), with a total of 1058 business institutions.

Ping an Bank adheres to the core of "retail strategic transformation", adheres to the transformation and development strategy of "science and technology leadership, retail breakthrough and excellence to the public", and takes "science and technology leadership" as the engine. We will continue to promote the further realization of the strategic transformation goals of "doing well to the public" and "double light".

"Science and technology leadership" means to take advantage of the advantages of science and technology, increase investment, improve the transformation power of science and technology into products, and lead the development of business innovation; "Retail breakthrough": using retail loan (LUM) to pull retail customer assets (AUM), and credit card to drive debit card, through model innovation to promote business development in an all-round way; "do fine to the public": strictly abide by the lifeline of asset quality, adhere to the development concept of "professionalization, specialization, investment banking, light capital, light assets", and be a boutique company bank.

In recent years, Ping an Bank has won many honors such as "Best Joint-stock Bank of the year", "Top 100 listed companies most respected by investors" and "Best supply chain Financial Services Bank". Orange e was awarded the "Top Ten Financial Product Innovation Award" and other honors.

The Shanghai Branch of Ping an Bank (formerly Shenzhen Development Bank Shanghai Branch) was approved by the Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau (Shanghai Bank Bank (1998) No. 5077) on April 2, 1998. the Shanghai Branch of Shenzhen Development Bank (the predecessor of Ping an Bank Shanghai Branch) officially opened for business at No. 8 Zhong Shandong second Road on the Bund, which is the first step for Shenzhen Development Bank to go out of South China and lay out the whole country. Another important force of the Shanghai Branch of Ping an Bank comes from the original Shanghai Branch of Ping an Bank, which was established on August 30, 2007.

On April 24, 2012, the CBRC agreed that Shenzhen Development Bank should absorb and merge Ping an Bank; on August 28, 2012, the former Shenzhen Development Bank Shanghai Branch merged the former Ping an Bank Shanghai Branch and formally changed its name to Ping an Bank Shanghai Branch.

Since the establishment of the Shanghai branch, under the correct leadership of the head office, all staff have adhered to the development road of connotative development, intensive operation and fine management, and actively integrated into the economic and financial environment of Shanghai, from scratch, from small to large, gradually formed a large number of strong and high-quality businesses, such as corporate banking, trade financing, auto finance, interbank investment small enterprise finance, and so on, and the foundation of the company and retail customer base has been continuously strengthened. The internal control compliance system is sound and efficient, the construction of corporate culture continues to deepen, and there are many bright spots in the development of various undertakings, which has achieved a balanced and steady development of scale, quality and efficiency, and has been unanimously recognized by the regulatory agencies, the head office and the majority of customers.

The Shanghai Branch of Ping an Bank ranks the first echelon of joint-stock banks in Shanghai, taking "deepening reform, improving quality and increasing efficiency" as the principle, persisting in taking profit as the center, and clarifying the public business model of retail transformation and "investment bank + commercial bank". Coordinate the three major relationships between profit and scale, development and risk, business innovation and compliance management. To achieve four improvements: fine management ability, bank-wide execution ability, cross-line department coordination ability, and comprehensive quality of staff. In the future, we will give full play to our geographical advantages in Shanghai and our own advantages in online finance, trade finance, international and other business fields, give full play to the contribution of "large investment banks and large capital management" to branch revenue, and implement the strategy of "three modernizations and two light". Strengthen the basic supporting role of the company. Strengthen the basic customer base and surround the medium-sized customers. Tap the value of customers and enhance their comprehensive profit-making contribution. Centering on "integrated finance and C+SIE+R", we have made breakthroughs in large-scale projects and channel cooperation. We will continue to promote online finance, trade and financial innovation and platform construction.

We will steadily increase the scale of deposits and loans on the basis of tamping the foundation of business development and optimizing the business structure.

Under the circumstances that the banking industry's revenue growth is under pressure and interest margins continue to narrow, we should further optimize the structure of income sources, develop "double light" business, and increase the proportion of non-interest income; strengthen the strategic policy of "retail transformation", gradually increase retail business contribution and market share, tamp customer base, achieve overall marketing of strategic customers, surround medium-sized customers, and develop platform customers in bulk. Implement the people-oriented concept, care for employees, enhance the team's sense of belonging and cohesion, and create a harmonious, upward and healthy "financier" corporate culture.

Combined with the bank transformation and development strategy, the Shanghai Branch will actively respond to the strategy of the group and head office, adapt to the international and domestic economic and financial situation, and further deepen the strategic policy of "science and technology leadership, retail breakthrough, and refinement to the public". Further strengthen the support for private enterprises, small and micro enterprises, and further enhance the ability to serve the real economy: steadily promote the transformation of "industry banks" and enhance the ability to serve the real economy; Vigorously strengthen scientific and technological empowerment, increase the support of private enterprises and small and micro enterprises, actively embrace changes, find the momentum of the "ecosystem", strictly abide by the bottom line of compliance, strengthen risk control, and strive to become a commercial bank with distinctive retail characteristics and leading scientific and technological advantages in the Shanghai area.

The sea of commerce leads the sea to set the tide, and is determined to walk on the waves in the cloudy sky. Ping an Bank Shanghai Branch looks forward to meeting with you at the summit site. In the future, we will continue to optimize business functions, create value with expertise, and share the future with cooperation!

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