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[stock market close] the whole-day trend of the index divides into photovoltaic semiconductors and sets off a stop.
Jul 22,2021 15:13CST
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Today, the size index diverged throughout the day, the Prev index closed up 0.34%, the gem index narrowed down by 0.44% in the afternoon, stocks in the two markets rose and fell by half, and the turnover exceeded 1.2 trillion yuan. High-prosperity track stocks such as lithium stocks and semiconductor chips rose throughout the day, while spirits, medicine and medical sectors were sold off. The semiconductor chip industry chain rose sharply, and stocks in the direction of silicone, equipment, photoresist and MCU chips rose sharply. Nanjing University Optoelectronics, Dongyue Silicon, Quanzhi Technology and other companies rose by 20%, China and Micro companies rose by more than 15%, and Huachuang in the North hit 2 consecutive boards. Lithium shares continued to rise, while stocks such as Jiuwo Hi-Tech, Xianfeng Holdings and Mount Qomolangma in Tibet rose by the daily limit, and individual stocks in the LED industrial chain continued to strengthen in the afternoon. San'an Optoelectronics reached an all-time high, with a total market capitalization exceeding 170 billion. Liquor, medicine and medical care and other partial defense plate suffered the abandonment of funds, the reputation of far, Qinghai spring limit. On the disk, silicone, photoresist, iron and steel stocks led the rise, liquor concept, CRO concept, medical concept and other decline in the forefront.

As of the close, the Prev index rose 0.34% to close at 3574 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index rose 0.33% to close at 15262 points, and the gem index fell 0.44% to close at 3544 points.

For the future market trend, institutions have expressed their views.

Guosheng Securities analysis, the volume of the two cities can continue to remain above trillion, A shares below multiple support, the rebound has not yet ended. High-end manufacturing, military industry to maintain a high demeanor, plate pre-adjustment is sufficient, the margin of safety is still there; we can pay attention to the integration of military and civilian, block chain and other themes of high-quality stocks. A shares ushered in the reporting season, pay attention to avoid the lifting of large stocks and poor performance of small-cap stocks. With the implementation of a comprehensive registration system, high-quality stocks will always be scarce, and they will only be transferred if they do not disappear; they will continue to focus on industrial logic, high-profile industries, and sub-sector leaders with product bargaining power. The capital will "anchor" the performance of the enterprise, and the disclosure of the China News will bring investment opportunities, while the excess performance for the whole year is expected to come from the relatively undervalued second-tier blue chip.

Everbright Securities pointed out that from a macro point of view, the growth rate of the domestic economy in the second half of the year is expected to be lower than that in the first half, and some industries and companies may decline due to lower performance expectations, but reasonable and abundant liquidity will support the valuation. there will be no big ups and downs in the market as a whole, but the structural market may be significantly divided. Strategically, combined with market style and institutional consensus, specific to the industry sector, we can pay attention to health care, photovoltaic, wind power and other industries. The inherent resilience of the market is a harbinger of continued repair, and once the style of the market is established, it will not be easily changed. Therefore, although the market of technology stocks has experienced high concussion and deceleration, it is still a little too early to judge the peak turn. At present, the risk preference of the market is still good, the inherent rotation and money-making effects of hot spots still support the repair of the gem, and the technical pressure can be digested while walking.

Caixin Securities believes that the sentiment of the market funds to do more is high, mainly focusing on high-prosperity tracks such as semiconductors, chips, lithium batteries, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic and so on. Airports and tourism suppressed by the epidemic did not perform well. In mid-to-late July, it is recommended to pay attention to carbon neutrality, national defense and military industry, and high-performance prosperity plates. In addition, the current A-share market is in the reporting period, most of the target performance is good, short-term can also pay attention to the mid-report performance is expected to exceed expectations of technology stocks and cyclical stocks.

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