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Direct attack on Henan aluminum enterprises to fight against flood and flood control
Jul 22,2021 11:55CST
Source:China Nonferrous Metals Daily
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Recently, Henan has continued to experience heavy rainfall, serious waterlogging has occurred in Zhengzhou, Gongyi, Luoyang, Dengfeng and other cities, some rivers have experienced over-warning water levels, individual reservoirs have broken dams, some railways have been suspended and flights have been cancelled, resulting in heavy casualties and property losses, and the situation of flood control is very serious. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president, and chairman of the Central military Commission, gave important instructions on flood control and disaster relief work. Xi Jinping stressed: at present, it has entered a critical period of flood control, and leading cadres at all levels should always give top priority to ensuring the safety of people's lives and property, take the lead, take the lead in command, quickly organize forces for flood control and disaster relief, and make proper arrangements for the people affected by the disaster. strictly guard against secondary disasters and minimize casualties and property losses. As a major province of non-ferrous metals industry and an important city of aluminum industry, aluminum enterprises in Henan Province, under the instructions of the local government and group companies, actively fight floods and ensure the safety of life and production.



Li Yuemin, chairman of Wanji holding Group, led the team to direct flood control work in the rain.

Compacting the responsibility of Flood Control to ensure the Safety of Human Life and production Environmental Protection

Over the past few days, Henan has experienced heavy rain. The State General Administration of Flood Control launched level III emergency response to flood control, rescue and disaster relief work in Henan Province. In order to actively respond to possible floods, investigate the hidden dangers of flood control safety, and rectify the weak links, on July 21, Chairman Li Yuemin, General Manager Guo Feng, and Deputy General Manager Ji Panfeng of Wanji Holdings Group inspected the flood control and flood fighting work of its Wanji Sodium Metal Company and the Yamaguchi Ash Bank of Wanji Power Generation Company, listened to reports from relevant responsible persons, and cordially visited the broad masses of employees in the front line of flood control and flood fighting.

Li Yuemin and his entourage went into the production area of Wanji Sodium Metal Company to inspect the flood control institutions and the implementation of the responsibility system, to understand the problems existing in the formulation of emergency rescue plans, the implementation of rescue teams, the reserve of flood control materials, and flood control and rescue drills, and highly affirmed the calm and rapid response of the vast number of employees during the recent flood control and flood fighting period. Li Yuemin pointed out that as a major hazard source of dangerous chemicals, sodium metal has the chemical nature of explosion in the event of water explosion, and once there is a mistake in flood control work, serious accidents will occur, causing inestimable losses and social impact to employees' families and enterprises. At present, the flood control and safety work of Metallic Sodium Company has entered the most critical period. The first is to raise the political position. During the critical period of flood control, the vast number of cadres and staff should not relax, keep up their efforts, consolidate their responsibilities, improve their ability to deal with emergencies, and make preparations for flood control at all times; second, they should further implement emergency plans, conduct in-depth investigation and rectification of all kinds of hidden risks, and constantly improve the weak links of flood control; third, they should communicate the flood situation in a timely manner, maintain close communication with the group company, the local government, and competent departments, and do a good job in the overall dispatching and arrangement of flood control.

Li Yuemin and his entourage came to the ash warehouse at the mountain pass of Wanji Power Generation Company to carefully examine the water level in the reservoir area, the prevention and control of geological disasters, the reinforcement and treatment of the dam, the impurity removal of the dam, the opening and closing of culvert tunnels and the regulation of spillways, and to understand the flood control plan, emergency rescue plan and mountain torrent disaster prevention plan of the ash reservoir. The person in charge of flood control in the reservoir area reported on the meteorological forecast of the flood season, the development of flood control work since the beginning of this year, the measures for dike mining, filling and reinforcement, and the next work arrangement. Li Yuemin affirmed the flood control work of Wanji Power Generation Company, stressing that the Yamaguchi ash reservoir is located in low-lying deep ditches and is always threatened by mountain torrents. Ash reservoir and ash dam are all dangerous sources. In the event of dam break, personal injury and environmental pollution accidents will occur. Therefore, flood control is the first task at present, and we must not relax at all times. He called on power generation companies to strengthen leadership, clarify the responsibilities of staff of flood control and flood fighting cadres in ash depots, strengthen ideological understanding, clearly understand the grim situation, make good preparations for major flood prevention, grabbing major insurance, and rescuing major disasters, and do a solid job in flood control and emergency management. ensure that the mountain pass ash depot flood control is foolproof. First, it is necessary to further tighten the responsibility of compaction, and the responsibility must not be disjointed because of poor environmental conditions and difficult life; second, it is necessary to further strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers, and implement a combination of foot inspection of inspection personnel, random inspection of safety management departments, and supervision and inspection of the main responsible persons to dynamically promote the rectification and reform of hidden dangers in flood season. Third, it is necessary to further strengthen emergency duty, strictly implement the system of 24-hour duty and leading cadres, set up emergency rescue units, and make preparations for emergency rescue and disaster relief; fourth, it is necessary to continuously increase the intensity of filling and reinforcement of the dam, and take effective measures to quickly rectify and put in place to ensure the safety of the ash depot during the flood season. (Tuo Ruyin)



抢险队员利用抽水泵将工地内的雨水排出。 刘瑞/摄

The rainfall is not only flood control, but not loose.

From 18:00 to 21 July, torrential rains and torrential rains fell throughout Zhengzhou, and the precipitation on the streets reached record highs on July 19th and 20th. In the face of the flood situation, Great Wall Aluminum and Chinalco Mining quickly launched flood control emergency response and set up emergency assault teams to fight the flood with the basic principle of "employees' life safety first". Party members and cadres of the two companies resolutely shoulder the responsibility of flood control and emergency rescue, stick to their posts 24 hours a day, actively deal with the flood situation, and strictly guard against dangerous situations such as collapse, landslide, collapse and subsidence of embankments, slopes and walls, so as to ensure the safety of employees and production equipment. (Xi Xi)



Zhongzhou Aluminum Industry comprehensively mobilizes and vigorously promotes the production work of flood control and protection.

Over the past few days, the flood situation has swept Henan. Zhongzhou Aluminum Co., Ltd. has prevented it in advance, dealt with it in time, and implemented it quickly, in accordance with the requirements of the local government's "Emergency notice on further strengthening the Prevention of heavy rainfall Weather." under the correct instructions of the enterprise party committee, the emergency plan for flood control was launched in time, and the main leaders went to the scene many times to observe the flood situation, arrange on-site arrangements, and mobilize materials. To ensure normal and stable production and operation in the flood season.

On July 16, all units affiliated to the enterprise reported the list of flood control commandos and arranged for the main leaders to be on duty for flood control. On July 17, all units of the enterprise quickly mobilized flood control materials to rectify all kinds of hidden dangers at the scene again, and continued to touch and remove all potential dangerous sources.

On July 18, all units organized personnel to continuously inspect the rain drainage grate in the responsible area, clean up the clogged areas in time, and report on the inspection of stagnant water on the road.

On July 19, the Enterprise New Materials Company and the second Alumina Plant maximized the backwater receiving system to ensure that the backwater was smooth. In view of the large precipitation in the dam area, the backwater area strengthens the optimization system to ensure that the production water will not have an impact on the environment. In view of the water inflow into all kinds of pipes and ditches outside the plant, all units will arrange intensive inspection, turn on the accident pump in time, and report the implementation situation upward in the form of pictures.

On the evening of July 19, in view of the heavy rain and the risk of flood discharge, the main leaders of the company and various units stayed on duty. All flood control commandos in all units stand by, wear raincoats and rubber shoes, bring flood control equipment, follow orders, and be ready to deal with emergencies. That night, the flood flow reached the Zhifang River outside the Northwest Gate Square, and there was no danger.

On July 20, members of the enterprise leading group went deep into the dam area to direct the transfer of flood control materials on the spot and deal with all kinds of problems. Under the assistance and guidance of various relevant departments of the local government and the spirit of struggle of the enterprise staff, as of press time, the overall flood control work of Zhongzhou Aluminum Industry is safe, stable and orderly, and the production operation is stable and efficient. (Zhang Dongbo)

There were no casualties in the explosion of Dengdian Group Aluminum Alloy Company when the power was cut off one hour ahead of time.

At about 6: 00 a.m. on July 20, an explosion occurred in Dengdian Group Aluminum Alloy Co., Ltd., which is located in Quhe Village, Gaocheng Town, Dengfeng City. The main leaders of the Dengfeng municipal party committee and municipal government rushed to the scene at the first time to organize on-site disposal and evacuate people around the plant. At present, there are no casualties or missing contacts, and at the same time, the city is carrying out a large-scale safety investigation and rectification in the flood season.

It is reported that at about 4: 00 a.m. on the 20th, the water level of the Yinghe River near the Dengdian Group Aluminum Alloy Co., Ltd. rose sharply and exceeded the warning water level. due to the collapse of the wall caused by the sharp rise of the river water level and the influx of water into the plant area, the company immediately cut power and organized personnel to evacuate safely.

Mingtai aluminum industry: personnel safety plant safety part of the plant area temporarily suspended

It is reported that in view of the extreme rainstorm in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd., located in Huiguo Town, Gongyi City, has a high overall topography, all personnel are safe and the plant is safe; affected by local power outages, part of the plant is in a state of temporary shutdown; the company has made emergency preparations in advance and piled up sandbags around to ensure that there is no water in the plant area, and some workshops are still in normal production. At present, the traffic is blocked, trucks can not enter, and the products have been stored in the warehouse.

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