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National Electroweb: torrential rains affect more than 980000 households in Henan Province
Jul 22,2021 11:01CST
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According to the latest statistics from the National Electroweb, torrential rains have damaged power facilities in Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Xuchang, Jiaozuo, Nanyang, Pingdingshang and other cities in Henan Province, affecting more than 800 urban distribution lines and more than 980000 households.

After the disaster, Henan Electric Power, the national network, immediately launched the first-level emergency response, strengthened the security management and control of the main power grid, carried out 24-hour monitoring of key power supply facilities, and focused on ensuring hospitals, communications, urban water supply and other units, and worked hard to minimize the impact of disasters.

Up to now, due to the continuous rainfall, the emergency repair of electric power can not be carried out in an all-round way, and Henan Electric Power of the national power grid is actively deploying flood control emergency repair teams, rescue equipment, materials and vehicles to quickly carry out emergency repair and repair in areas that meet the conditions for emergency repair.

As of noon on July 21, more than 4000 emergency repair personnel have been dispatched, more than 1000 vehicles have been dispatched, and more than half of the damaged lines have restored power supply.


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