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BHP Billiton signs nickel supply agreement with Tesla
Jul 22,2021 10:48CST
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Recently, BHP Billiton issued an announcement, announcing the signing of a nickel supply agreement with Tesla. BHP Billiton will supply nickel from its Nickel West assets in Western Australia to Tesla, one of the most sustainable nickel producers with the lowest carbon emissions in the world.

Tesla is the world's largest manufacturer of electric vehicles and battery storage systems, and its mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. Nickel is a key metal used to manufacture Tesla's battery technology.

Vandita Pant, chief commercial officer of BHP Billiton, said: "demand for nickel in batteries is expected to grow by more than 500 per cent over the next decade, in large part to support the growing global demand for electric vehicles."

"We are pleased to sign this agreement with Tesla and work with them to make the battery supply chain more sustainable through our common focus on technology and innovation," he said. "

In addition to the supply agreement, BHP Billiton and Tesla will work together to make the battery supply chain more sustainable, focusing on traceability of end-to-end raw materials using blockchain; exchange of technology for the production of battery raw materials; and promote the importance of sustainable development in resources, including identifying partners that best meet the principles of BHP and Tesla and the battery value chain.

BHP Billiton will also work with Tesla to develop energy storage solutions to identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions in their respective operations by increasing the use of renewable energy and battery energy storage.

Edgar Barstow (Edgar Basto), president of BHP Billiton Australia, said: "BHP Billiton produces some of the lowest carbon-intensive nickel in the world and our business is moving towards net zero emissions. Sustainable and reliable high-quality nickel production is essential to meet the needs of sustainable energy producers such as Tesla. "

"our investment in assets and our pursuit of commodities such as nickel will help support global decarbonization and enable us to create long-term value for our business," he said. "

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