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The efficiency of container plate in Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group is over 100 million yuan.
Jul 22,2021 10:42CST
Source:Liugang newspaper
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The container plate sales of Liugang Group reached 218500 tons in the second quarter of this year, twice as much as in the first quarter, and more than the total sales in 2019 and 2020. Compared with the price of common rolls in the Guangdong market in the same period, it is estimated that the efficiency of the group is more than 120 million yuan.

With the theme of promoting marketing upgrading, the distribution company adheres to the general tone of making progress in the midst of stability, and actively promotes the sustained, healthy and high-quality development of sales work.

After the Spring Festival this year, affected by the novel coronavirus epidemic, container shipping prices continue to rise, the distribution company after careful analysis: the container board will have a big market.

Since April, the company has made agents strive to increase the order volume of container plates and guide them to open up the East China market, while restoring the sales qualification of a container plate agent in Guangdong to strengthen the sales force. After taking the initiative, container board orders increased by 73.6% in April compared with the previous month.

In May, the steel market got on a "roller coaster" and shot up all the way up in the first ten days. Take the Guangdong market as an example: it rose by nearly 1,000 yuan per ton in less than half a month.

Since May 13, prices have fallen all the way, and in less than half a month, there has been a "plunge" of nearly 1500 yuan / ton. The sharp rise and fall of the market has made steel mills and dealers unexpected, but container plate prices have "outperformed". Thanks to the good prediction of the market and the joint efforts of the majority of customers, the distribution company's container plate orders in May increased by 128.4% compared with March, locking in considerable profits for Liuzhou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

In June, the distribution company continued to guide agents to take orders freely under the weak adjustment of the market situation, and the final volume and price rose. The order volume of container plates in June increased by 159.3% compared with March, creating the highest monthly order volume in the history of Liugang Container Plate. At the same time, the price is 1200 yuan / ton higher than the Guangdong general roll price in the same period, which continues to increase the efficiency of the company against the market.

In the second half of the year, the distribution company will continue to promote the development of distribution to marketing upgrading, further increase the proportion of superior regions and first-class brand products by continuously optimizing the variety structure, and comprehensively expand the coverage of the sales network and extend sales nodes; continue to strengthen technical marketing and intelligent marketing efforts; actively build a sustainable community of interests, guide customers to jointly maintain the market, and strive to maximize the efficiency of production and operation of the group company.

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