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Investigation on magnesium Industry from Shi Yujiang to Bada, head of Wenxi County
Jul 22,2021 09:29CST
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Recently, Shi Yujiang, head of Wenxi County, Shanxi Province, went deep into Bada magnesium Industry Co., Ltd. to investigate the construction of key projects and production safety work. He stressed that it is necessary to firmly establish the concept of "project is king", focus on the deep processing of magnesium alloy, strengthen the guarantee of essential factors, come up with solid measures to speed up the construction of the project, tighten the chain of safety responsibility, strengthen source control, and provide a strong security guarantee for the high-quality development of enterprises.

The reconstruction and expansion project of the melting and casting production line with an annual output of 40,000 tons of high-quality magnesium alloy profiles, plates and billets for transportation is a key project implemented by Bada magnesium Industry this year. The construction contents of the project include: reconstruction of 4 magnesium alloy semi-continuous casting machine production lines, 4 magnesium alloy vacuum melting production lines and supporting factory buildings and road facilities. Shi Yujiang pointed out in the survey that Bada magnesium Industry is a backbone enterprise in Wenxi County to transform and upgrade the metal magnesium industry and promote high-quality development. To promote the construction of magnesium alloy deep processing project, we should go deep into the front line, provide good service, understand the problems encountered by enterprises in project construction and production and operation, and solve the bottleneck problem in time. It is necessary to focus on the aerospace, military, automotive and other industries, seek more high-quality projects, and speed up the promotion of enterprises into the fast track of high-quality development.

Shi Yujiang went deep into the Bada magnesium production workshop and project front line to check and inquire about the implementation of the enterprise's production safety responsibility, emergency disposal, inspection and maintenance, and so on. His workers stressed the need to unremittingly do a good job in production safety in enterprises, strengthen bottom line awareness, improve the production safety system, improve emergency plans, and resolutely curb the occurrence of all kinds of production safety accidents. It is necessary to highlight source supervision, process supervision, and key supervision, conduct a comprehensive inspection of production equipment, personnel processes, and institutional mechanisms, constantly improve the level of production safety, and create a good environment for the sustained and healthy development of enterprises.

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