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Shanghai has issued the 14th five-year Plan for the development of strategic emerging industries and leading industries, and made every effort to promote the implementation of the "Shanghai Plan" such as integrated circuits.
Jul 22,2021 08:26CST
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On July 21, the General Office of the Shanghai Municipal people's Government issued the 14th five-year Plan for the Development of Shanghai's Strategic emerging and leading Industries (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"). Focus on integrated circuits, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, aerospace, new energy vehicles and other fields to build a relatively autonomous, controllable, safe and reliable industrial chain and supply chain. To be in the vanguard of reform and opening up and the forerunner of innovation and development in the new era.

The Plan revolves around seven aspects: the basis for development, overall requirements, key points for the development of strategic emerging industries, future-oriented leading industries, spatial layout, major special projects, and safeguard measures.

General requirements

The "Plan" revolves around the guiding ideology, basic principles, general ideas, and development goals.

General thinking

Implement the national strategic deployment and tasks, give full play to Shanghai's advantages, focus on key areas, promote the integrated layout of innovation chain and industrial chain, and vigorously promote the implementation of the "Shanghai Plan" of integrated circuits, biomedicine, and artificial intelligence. We will accelerate the transformation and development of traditional industries such as automobiles, equipment, iron and steel, and petrochemical industries into strategic emerging industries by means of product structure transformation and digital technology empowerment. We will accelerate the development of the digital economy characterized by new technology and new model new business type, with emphasis on building a development system of "9xstrategic emerging industries" and leading industries with three major industries as the core. Among them, the "9" key areas of strategic emerging industries include: integrated circuits, biomedicine, artificial intelligence and other three core industries. as well as new energy vehicles, high-end equipment, aerospace, information and communications, new materials, emerging digital industries and other six key industries. "X" refers to the forward-looking layout of a number of future-oriented leading industries, focusing on photonic chips and devices, brain-like intelligence and other leading industries.

Development goal

-- the scale of the industry has reached a new level. By 2025, the added value of strategic emerging industries will account for more than 20% of the city's GDP, the added value will exceed 1 trillion yuan, and the role of the main engine of economic development will become more prominent. Integrated circuits, biomedicine and artificial intelligence with global influence have basically taken shape. Cymbal

-- New breakthroughs have been made in major innovations. We will build a number of major industrial innovation platforms and infrastructure, achieve major technological breakthroughs in the fields of integrated circuits, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, space and ocean, and new materials, and master a number of key core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. participate in the formulation of a number of international standards and emerge a number of innovative achievements that fill domestic gaps and have world-class influence. Cymbal

-- agglomeration and development has formed a new pattern. We will promote the cluster development of strategic emerging industries, basically form a global coordinated and focused spatial layout, and create a number of emerging industrial agglomeration areas with their own characteristics, complementary advantages and reasonable structure. Several hundreds of billions of strategic emerging industrial clusters have been formed in the fields of integrated circuits, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, new energy vehicles and so on.

Focus on the development of strategic emerging industries

The Plan revolves around integrated circuits, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, new energy vehicles, high-end equipment manufacturing, aerospace, information and communications, new materials, and emerging digital industries.

Integrated circuit

Guided by major national strategic tasks, we will strengthen the construction of the innovation platform system, tackling key technologies and the layout of major projects, and continuously upgrade the industrial energy level and comprehensive advantages.

During the 14th five-year Plan period, the scale of the integrated circuit industry grew at an average annual rate of about 20%, striving for two enterprises in the manufacturing field to steadily enter the forefront of the world in revenue, and to cultivate a number of listed enterprises in the field of design and equipment materials. By 2025, an innovative highland of integrated circuit industry with global influence will be basically built. The advanced manufacturing technology has been further improved, the chip design capability has been in the lead in the world, the level of localization of core equipment and key materials has been further improved, and an independent and controllable industrial system has been basically formed. Focus on development:

1. Integrated circuit design. We will enhance the research and development capabilities of core chips such as 5G communications, desktop CPU, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, and automotive electronics, speed up the development of core IP, and promote the research and development of key devices such as FPGA, insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), and high-end micro-control unit (MCU). Improve the supply capacity of integrated circuit design tools, cultivate a full-process electronic design automation (EDA) platform, and optimize the ecological environment for the development of domestic EDA industry.

2. Manufacturing and closed testing. Expand the production capacity of mature process production lines of integrated circuits, improve the yield of products, enhance the scale of mass production of advanced processes, and continue to speed up the research and development of advanced processes. Improve the ability of R & D and scale manufacturing of characteristic process chips. Further enhance the scale of advanced packaging and testing industry.

3. Equipment and materials. Speed up the development of world-class etching machines, cleaning machines, ion implantation machines, measuring equipment and other high-end products. Carry out the research and development of key components of core equipment. Improve the R & D and industrialization ability of 12-inch silicon wafer and advanced photoresist.

artificial intelligence

In order to enhance the ability of basic innovation and release the two-wheel drive of application scenarios, strengthen the source of innovation, break through the underlying technology, and promote the development of artificial intelligence industrial clusters.

During the 14th five-year Plan period, the scale of the artificial intelligence industry grew at an average annual rate of about 15%, a number of unicorn enterprises accelerated, a number of leading enterprises continued to land, and the layout of the whole industry chain basically took shape. By 2025, the overall level of development will enter the international leading ranks, artificial intelligence has become an important driving force to promote Shanghai's economic and social development, and has basically built a highland of artificial intelligence innovation and development with global influence. Focus on development:

1. Smart chip. Focus on promoting the research and development and industrialization of general computing GPU; for intelligent image recognition, intelligent driving and other applications, develop deep learning cloud customized system-level chip (SoC) and "chip + software platform + server" cloud intelligent server.

2. Intelligent software. Develop a universal artificial intelligence operating system and control software with independent intellectual property rights; develop a cloud computing service platform based on CPU/GPU heterogeneous architecture; and develop a unified computing framework that supports logical reasoning, probability statistics, deep learning and other paradigms.

3. Autopilot. Break through the core technology of advanced auxiliary driving system (ADAS), focus on the development of lidar, millimeter wave radar and camera fusion integrated sensing system; conquer the semi-closed scene of self-driving technology; build human, vehicle, road collaborative data system.

4. Intelligent robot.

New energy vehicle

By 2025, the output value of Shanghai's new energy automobile manufacturing industry will reach about 350 billion yuan. The proportion of pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles has further increased, accelerating the transformation of key automobile manufacturing enterprises into strategic emerging industrial enterprises, and fostering a number of small and medium-sized enterprises with a sales scale of 10 billion yuan. Focus on the development of pure electric and fuel cell vehicles, intelligent network-connected vehicles, new automobile services.

Information communication

By 2025, the output value of Shanghai's information and communications industry will reach about 350 billion yuan. Centering on the construction of new infrastructure, we will speed up the development of communications and network industries such as the next generation IP network and all-optical communication equipment, enhance the ability of independent innovation of new displays, strengthen breakthroughs in the core technologies of the Internet of things, and maintain the steady development of the electronic equipment manufacturing industry. Cymbal

1. Next generation IP network. We will focus on promoting the development and industrialization of routers, switches, Internet gateway equipment and other products based on the sixth version of the Internet Protocol (IPv6+) specification, and promoting large-scale applications such as operators, government, finance, and the Internet. Focus on the development and industrialization of 400G-based, intelligent lossless data center network products and the next generation of Wi-Fi products. Cymbals

2. All-optical communication equipment. We will focus on developing a full range of optical communication system equipment (access network transmission, metropolitan area network transmission, core network transmission) and network information security services, and continue to enhance the R & D and manufacturing capabilities of core basic all-optical communication devices. Cymbals

3. New display. Promote the market share of active matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) products to further increase, take the construction of Jinshan new display industrial base as the carrier to expand and extend the industrial chain, and increase the layout of new display materials enterprises. Key development: evaporation equipment, optical film, substrate materials, organic light-emitting materials, electronic chemicals and other new display key equipment, materials. Increase the layout in the field of new technology such as AMOLED micro-display and quantum dots, and seize the opportunity for the development of the industry in the future. Cymbal

4. Internet of things. We will achieve overall breakthroughs in core technologies such as radio frequency identification ((RFID)), sensors, Internet of things communication chips, system software, and information security, and cultivate a number of internationally competitive backbone enterprises of the Internet of things. Cymbals

5. Electronic equipment manufacturing. We will actively support the stable development of intelligent terminal contract manufacturing enterprises in Shanghai, and the industrial scale is not lower than the level at the end of the 13th five-year Plan. Encourage enterprises to increase investment in technological transformation, carry out technological research, speed up the use of industrial robots, artificial intelligence and other technologies to speed up the transformation of digitization and intelligence, and enhance the degree of automation and intelligence of production and manufacturing.

New materials

By 2025, the total output value of the new materials industry will reach about 320 billion yuan, achieve remarkable results in the process of import substitution and localization in 3-4 key areas, and cultivate a number of invisible champions in subdivided fields with independent intellectual property rights. Focus on the development of key strategic materials, including the development of integrated circuits and new display materials, promoting the industrial application of large-size (12-inch) silicon single crystal polishing wafers, chemical and mechanical polishing materials, packaging materials, etc., accelerate the research, development and demonstration application of 4-inch gallium nitride wafers, 6-inch silicon carbide wafers, electronic grade polysilicon and laser crystal materials.

The leading industry facing the future

The "Plan" proposes that during the 14th five-year Plan period, Shanghai will combine its own scientific and educational resources with the basic advantages of its industry. plan the layout of a number of future-oriented leading industries, such as photonic chips and devices, gene and cell technology, brain-like intelligence, new marine economy, hydrogen energy and energy storage, and the sixth generation of mobile communications.

Photonic chips and devices. It focuses on breaking through the research and application of new generation photonic devices such as silicon photons, optical communication devices and photonic chips, and focuses on the modularization technology of photonic devices, silicon photonic technology based on complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS), optical communication technology, optical interconnection technology, chip integration technology, optoelectronic integrated module packaging technology and so on. Strive to achieve a new generation of photonic devices in data centers, supercomputers, car self-driving, household robots, telecommunications equipment and national defense equipment and other areas of industrial chain subversive innovation.

Brain-like intelligence. Research and development of brain-like and neuromimicry chips based on subversive technologies such as memristors to realize the innovation of a new generation of artificial intelligence technology and new information industry.

The sixth generation mobile communication. Focus on breaking through the new generation of channel coding and modulation technology, new generation antenna and radio frequency technology, terahertz wireless communication technology and system, space, sea and earth integrated communication technology, software and open source network key technologies, based on artificial intelligence wireless communication technology, dynamic spectrum sharing technology and other key technologies of the sixth generation communication (6G). Deeply participate in the national 6G technology project, research and deploy a number of key scientific and technological projects, actively participate in 6G standardization competition, and maintain a first-mover advantage in chips, test equipment, mobile terminals and other fields.

Spatial layout

The Plan emphasizes the spatial layout of strategic emerging industries with "two poles and two belts" as the main body, in which the poles are the technological innovation pole of Zhangjiang and the growth pole of port-adjacent industry. the two belts are the high-tech service industry belt around the central city and the high-end manufacturing industry belt around the suburbs.

Create Zhangjiang scientific and technological innovation pole. Zhangjiang's scientific and technological innovation focuses on key areas such as integrated circuits, biomedicine, artificial intelligence and intelligent robots to carry out original innovation, break through key core technologies, create a core source of scientific and technological innovation, and build a strategic emerging industrial innovation pole in Shanghai.

Cultivate the growth pole of port industry. The growth of port-adjacent industries will focus on the development of industrial clusters such as integrated circuits, biomedicine, artificial intelligence and civil aviation, actively cultivate new energy vehicles, high-end equipment, green remanufacturing and other emerging industries, and speed up the introduction of first-class enterprises at home and abroad. expand and strengthen the industrial scale and energy level as soon as possible, and build a comprehensive base of strategic emerging industries.

In addition, the Plan also proposes to strengthen characteristic industrial clusters. Among them, the integrated circuit industry. Create a "one body and two wings" spatial layout with Zhangjiang as the main body and Lingang and Jiading as two wings, upgrade the energy level of Zhangjiang national integrated circuit industrial base, enhance the manufacturing capacity of high-end equipment of Lingang integrated circuits, and cultivate Jiading integrated circuit emerging industrial belt. We will speed up research and plan to build a new integrated circuit industrial base in the new Lingang area or the Yangtze River Delta demonstration area. Artificial intelligence industry. We will speed up the construction of an innovative carrier for the integration of "44th X". Zhangjiang, Pudong, build an artificial intelligence island with international leading standards, and build a national leading artificial intelligence chip industry cluster. Xuhui Binjiang, build the West Bank Intelligence Valley, focus on the West Bank Intelligence Tower and Beiyang artificial Intelligence Town, and build an international artificial intelligence headquarters base. Minhang Maqiao highlights the development and industrial landing of the new area. In the new area near Hong Kong, we will speed up the layout of industries such as intelligent driving and equipment manufacturing, and create a self-driving demonstration zone. In addition, we will speed up the construction of characteristic parks such as Shibei High-tech, Changyang Chuanggu, Hongqiao Zhigu, Tiandi Software Park, Qingpu West Hongqiao Zhihui Valley, and so on.

Major special project

According to the Plan, Shanghai will accelerate the construction of major integrated circuit production lines and support the doubling of the scale of the integrated circuit industry. We will focus on promoting the construction of 12-inch advanced and mature process production lines, promoting the construction of major projects for characteristic processes and third-generation compound semiconductors, and speeding up the construction of 12-inch large silicon wafer production lines.


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