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Huawei Electronics: the company is currently building a new power electronic device base project.
Jul 22,2021 08:15CST
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On July 21, Huawei Electronics said in an interaction with investors that the company was currently investing in a new power electronic device base project. The details shall be based on the company's official website and announcement.

Huawei Electronics is mainly engaged in the design and development of power semiconductor devices, chip manufacturing, packaging testing, sales and other business. Huawei Electronics adheres to the technology development strategy of combining production, R & D and storage, and continues to expand to the middle and high-end technology and application fields of power semiconductor devices. Continue to give full play to its product design, process design and other comprehensive technical advantages, has established from high-end diodes, one-and-two-way thyristor, MOS series products to the sixth generation IGBT the most complete and competitive power semiconductor device product system, is gradually changing from a single device supplier to an overall solution supplier.

At the same time, Huawei Electronics has actively expanded rapidly into new energy vehicles, frequency conversion household appliances, industry and photovoltaic emerging fields, and has achieved good results, laying a solid foundation for its own sustainable development.

In terms of scientific research and innovation, Huawei Microelectronics has worked hard in power semiconductor devices, continuously launched new products, strengthened technological innovation, and promoted its own expansion into the high-end field of power semiconductor devices.

At present, Huawei Electronics has mastered many core design technologies, process control technologies and application technologies of high-end power semiconductor devices, such as high voltage VLD terminal technology, EHV product design technology, deep groove etching technology, thin chip technology, etc., and actively laid out the third generation semiconductor device technology represented by SiC and GaN, gradually having the ability to provide customers with overall solutions.


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