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Long friendship and common "lead" line! Jinzhou Dalong invites you to gather together at the 11th Summit of Renewable lead Battery Industry in 2021.
Jul 21,2021 18:51CST
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With the release of the 14th five-year Plan for the Development of Circular economy (hereinafter referred to as the Plan), the production of recycled non-ferrous metals will soon be increased. In the plan, the output of recycled copper, recycled aluminum and recycled lead is highlighted. Under the beautiful vision of "30 carbon peak and 60 carbon neutralization", the work of energy saving and emission reduction in China is in full swing. In the first year of the 14th five-year Plan, under the guidance of the national goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization, what opportunities and challenges does the recycled lead industry face? Shanghai Nonferrous Network (SMM) will hold the 11th regenerated lead Battery Industry Summit 2021 in Yichun, Jiangxi Province from September 6 to 7, 2021, when Jinzhou Dalong Special Metal Materials Co., Ltd. will be present as a booth service partner to help the development of the industry.

Jinzhou Dalong Special Metal Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 with a registered capital of 11 million yuan. Our company is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of special high temperature materials and special alloy products, all kinds of products have their own independent intellectual property rights; our company is located in the beautiful seaside city of Jinzhou, Liaoning Province, covering an area of 13000 square meters and fixed assets of 25.7 million yuan. With strong technical force and advanced equipment, the company has cooperated with many scientific research institutions, such as China Enfei Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd., Luoyang Refractory Research Institute of Sinosteel Group, Liaoning University of Science and Technology, Liaoning University of Technology, and so on. Take the road of independent innovation, and constantly develop their own leading products. The main refractory products are chrome corundum bricks, aluminum chromium zirconium series high-grade refractory bricks, magnesia series refractory bricks and unshaped refractories.

Jinzhou grand new metal materials technology co., Ltd., which covers an area of 34000 square meters and has total assets of nearly 78 million yuan, is mainly produced by chromium, vanadium and molybdenum, and is a comprehensive production enterprise supplemented by the production of chrome corundum refractories, the company wholly owned Jinzhou grand new metal materials technology co., Ltd., covering an area of 34000 square meters and total assets of nearly 78 million yuan At this point, Dalong company aluminum-chromium-zirconium series of high-end refractories, into the new product research and development-raw material production-process molding-mass production service virtuous cycle, the whole industrial chain to make up for the shortcomings and deficiencies. In the field of alloy products, the company has also ushered in a great-leap-forward development. In September of the same year, it completed the trademark registration of "H Grand Metal", introduced a full set of "steel Yanak" instruments and equipment, and upgraded the laboratory. It can serve not only the testing of refractories but also the detection of metal chromium. It paves the way for scientific and technological innovation, boutique manufacturing and long-term development of enterprises.

The company's products sell well in non-ferrous metallurgy industry, black metallurgy industry, large power plant, petrochemical industry and other high-temperature furnaces, as well as aerospace and nuclear energy military industry and other high-end fields; the products are exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Congo, Russia and other countries and regions. It can also provide customers with technical one-stop services related to furnace design and refractory materials, and help enterprise customers to achieve cost reduction and efficiency, and reap huge economic benefits.

Our company employs Class A qualification team consultant all the year round, and the international well-known designer serves as the general worker of the company. We are good at all kinds of non-ferrous metal smelting and electric furnace smelting, and can provide customers with a complete set of process design of the world's leading level.

The company always adheres to the quality policy of "scientific and technological innovation, boutique manufacturing", the business philosophy of "treat people with sincerity and trust", and the service concept of "we work hard, you can use it at ease" and make friends all over the world. Mr. Zhao Daxing, the general manager, together with all the staff of the company, sincerely welcome people of insight at home and abroad to come to discuss cooperation and common development.

Forge ahead and show excellence! Jinzhou Dalong Special Metal Materials Co., Ltd. Kunshan Hongfutai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. looks forward to meeting with you at the summit site to talk about the new trend of the industry!

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