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Wang Yancheng joins SMM London office as Managing Director

iconMay 10, 2021 09:21
Following the establishment of the Singapore office on September 1, 2017, Shanghai Metals Market has established a new overseas office in London in May 2021.

SHANGHAI, May 10 (SMM)—In order to further integrate with the international market, carry out global market research, and better serve overseas customers, Shanghai Metals Market has established a new overseas office in London, United Kingdom in May 2021. The London office is the second overseas establishment after SMM's Singapore office on September 1, 2017.

London, as the location of the world's largest non-ferrous metals futures exchange, has attracted attention of people in the global non-ferrous industry. SMM has established an office here to better grasp the market trend and more first-hand information.

As a leading research institution and portal website of non-ferrous metals in China, SMM is also making steady progress in its internationalization. In order to provide international customers with professional, international perspective and high-level services, SMM has specially appointed Dr. Wang Yancheng, a well-known analyst in the global aluminium industry as its managing director to help manage the business of the London office.

Before joining SMM, Dr. Wang Yancheng was the principal analyst at CRU and the head of Chinese aluminium market research. Dr. Wang has worked at CRU for 15 years.

Dr. Wang is a well-known analyst in the global aluminium industry. His areas of expertise include global aluminium, alumina, bauxite, downstream, recycling and power/energy market analysis, cost modelling and value assessment of aluminium assets. In recent years, he has extended his research in the other base metal markets, macroeconomic and relative industries, like thermal coal, gas, power, and carbon emission markets. Specific projects that he was involved in cover the whole value chain of the aluminium industry, including bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminium smelting and downstream.

Dr. Wang has also visited more than 100 bauxite mines, alumina refineries, aluminium smelters, downstream and recycling assets around the world, in China, Russia, Australia, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Middle East and North America. He also often attends technical and market conferences and gives presentations as a key-note speaker.

Wang Yancheng has a PhD in Engineering from Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

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Dr. Wang Yancheng

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