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The first one in the world: Trina Solar has won the world's first UL and Italy EPD mutual recognition mark in the photovoltaic industry.
Jan 14,2021 16:38CST
Source:Trina light energy
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Recently, a number of Trina Solar (stock code: 688599) photovoltaic module products have won the environmental protection double EPD logo of the global safety inspection and certification authority UL and Italy EPD (Environmental Product Declaration, Chinese: environmental Protection Product statement. The licensing ceremony was held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province on January 13. Cao Bo, Executive Vice President of Trina Solar Energy, and Shi Jun, General Manager of Suzhou UL Meihua Certification Co., Ltd., attended the award ceremony.

As the first solar photovoltaic module manufacturer in the world to pass the EPD mutual recognition mark at the same time, Trina Solar is the global leader in the whole life cycle of photovoltaic products and will continue to practice the road of sustainable development together with global partners.

EPD is an internationally recognized set of environmental reports based on ISO14025 standards, which strictly track and detect the impact of a product on the environment throughout its life cycle, including raw material acquisition stage, manufacturing and processing stage, transportation stage, use stage, scrap stage and so on. EPD logo is different from other product ratings or environmental labels, like a sustainable product "full-process production label", providing customers with authoritative product environmental information.

Trina Solar has always adhered to the commitment of sustainable development and technological innovation, and will fulfill social responsibility as an important concept of corporate sustainable development. At the 2020 people's Corporate Social responsibility Summit Forum and the 15th people's Corporate Social responsibility Award presentation ceremony held in December 2020, Trina Solar won the Green Development Award for its outstanding contribution to sustainable development.

Cao Bo said at the licensing ceremony: "the global EPD logo will continue to promote Trina Solar's environmental innovation." The company is constantly committed to developing more efficient and environmentally friendly solar photovoltaic modules, further resolving the contradiction between technological development and resource consumption, exploring a new way of sustainable development, and looking forward to establishing a cleaner and sustainable energy supply system for the benefit of all mankind with solar energy.

"We are very pleased to see Trina Solar's efforts and achievements in sustainable development." Shi Jun, general manager of Suzhou UL Meihua Certification Co., Ltd., said, "the EPD certificate also bears witness to Trina Solar's commitment to the whole society as a world-renowned photovoltaic enterprise."

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