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The trading volume of Shougang shares online trading platform exceeded 3 billion yuan.
Sep 27,2020 17:02CST
Source:Shougang shares
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SMM: on September 24th, with the completion of the auction of the 27th bid materials on that day, the trading volume of Shougang shares online trading platform broke through the 3 billion yuan mark in 2020, offering gifts for the birthday of the great motherland.

Shougang shares online trading platform since the launch, adhering to the transaction "fairer, more just, more open" purpose, adhere to the "Shougang products of high quality, trading mode of high efficiency, high-quality after-sales service" throughout. In 2020, in the face of the impact of the epidemic and the severe test of the market situation, Shougang Joint Stock staff Entrepreneurship Center took the initiative to carry forward the spirit of "carrying the big flag" to ensure steady progress of all work, and online trading showed a strong momentum of development and exuberant vitality. the trading scope and types of the platform are constantly expanding, and the trading volume continues to rise, and the monthly trading volume reached a record of 430 million yuan in July.

Practice internal skills

Standardize the transaction process and improve the business level

Up to now, the business scope of the platform has radiated 14 units under Shougang. In order to make the online trading business process more standardized, more efficient and cleaner, and to enable each sector unit to have a better trading experience and greater benefits, the platform sent special personnel to communicate with professionals from Shuigang, Tonggang, Changgang, Guiyang Steel and other units to understand the problems and needs encountered by each other, and to jointly study and solve more than 40 business risks and integrity risks according to the questions raised by each unit for the online trading process. At the same time, the e-commerce center also held a number of special meetings to sort out the business process, find business risk points and integrity risk points, and formulate a total of 9 rectification measures.

With the full development of e-commerce procurement business, the business requirements of the trading platform for professionals are also increased accordingly. The e-commerce center has organized more than 40 special training for sales, recruitment module and industrial product e-commerce module, through explaining the principle, process, operation and other knowledge points of the new platform, so that business personnel are proficient in the characteristics and operation methods of the new platform. In the process of training, we also focus on fully simulated transaction testing for typical business scenarios. Through a comprehensive review of details, modules and processes, we have found and rectified more than 350 system problems.

Go out.

Expand customer groups and strengthen exchanges and cooperation

In order to further expand the customer resources of the platform, deeply tap the customer base, and increase the market share, the Shougang shares online trading platform will be built into an e-commerce platform with strong competitiveness and influence in China. after the epidemic prevention and control measures are allowed, the Resource Development Division sent several groups of market research and developers to Shandong, Liaoning, Tianjin and other places in August and September to conduct comprehensive research. Introduce their own advantages and characteristics to local steel traders, end users and distributors of waste materials market in detail, through contact, effectively deepen the local relevant personnel's recognition of Shougang products and Shougang shares online trading platform. Up to now, more than 1200 new customers have been developed in 2020, laying a solid foundation for the smooth launch of more than 300 kinds of sales and recruitment products developed in 2020.

Stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade. In July, at the invitation of Huawei, the Resource Development Division organized personnel to go to Huawei headquarters for exchange and study, including the introduction of Huawei's digital transformation practice, Huawei iron and steel intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet introduction and discussion, etc. Through this visit, study and exchange, the industry vision of the platform personnel has been effectively broadened and cooperation has been enhanced at the same time.

In August, relevant personnel from the Resource Development Department went to the Sinopec ePark platform in Beijing for exchange and study. during this period, the platform personnel discussed with Sinopec material equipment Department (International Division), Sinopec Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd. E-commerce operation experts and department heads on the platform construction, operation, organization and material management. Exchange and learning is of great significance to broaden the online trading platform of Shougang shares in the future in the aspects of new license certification, system organization and construction, platform operation mode, procurement mode selection, material code mapping and so on.

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