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Aluminum alloy intelligent mushroom room helps to build mushroom base
Sep 27,2020 14:53CST
Source:China Nonferrous Metals Daily
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SMM News: Agaricus bisporus is a common table delicacy, which has been planted in a greenhouse, which is greatly affected by climate and season, so that its yield, income and quality are unstable. Nowadays, the factory mushroom planting project in Song County, Luoyang City, Henan Province breaks the environmental restrictions such as soil and climate, and uses the factory mode to grow Agaricus bisporus, which not only has high yield and high quality, but also can produce fresh mushrooms all the year round. This industrialization model mainly benefits from the aluminum alloy intelligent mushroom house, which produces mushrooms in the intelligent mushroom room, which can be planted eight times a year.

It is understood that the intelligent mushroom room is composed of multi-row aluminum alloy planting racks and fully automatic control. The planting rack is made of aluminum profiles, which has the characteristics of cheap price, light weight and high oxidation resistance, which can fully accord with the dark and humid planting environment of the planting workshop and put an end to heavy metal pollution of mushrooms; at the same time, aluminum alloy planting rack has the advantages of simple shape, convenient disassembly and assembly, and basically achieves stereotyping, assembly, standardization, strong commonality and high stability. In addition, the aluminum alloy planting rack can smoothly lift the platform, the outer and lower parts are well protected, and the interior is firm and solid, which is convenient for automatic feeding, refeeding and mushroom picking. At present, the technological level of aluminum alloy planting rack has reached the international leading level, and the practical application effect is good.

At present, an intelligent mushroom house in the factory mushroom planting project in Song County, Luoyang has been completed and put into production. Walking into the spacious and bright mushroom room, the rows of aluminum alloy planting racks are arranged neatly, and the staff are picking mushrooms, which are large and full because of the suitable temperature and humidity. The person in charge of the project said: "according to the base plan, three standardized intelligent mushroom houses will be built in the future, supporting intelligent mushroom control system, boiler, refrigerated sorting workshop, cold storage, earth covering workshop and so on. At present, two intelligent mushroom houses, cold storage and refrigerated sorting workshops are being built. "

When all are completed, Song County of Luoyang City will become the largest planting base of Agaricus bisporus in western Henan, with an estimated annual output of 6300 tons of fresh mushrooms. After the project is fully put into production, 300 people can be employed to increase the employment and income of local farmers.

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