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The second round of the second batch of central eco-environmental protection inspectors completed the task of sinking with a summary of rectification and reform.
Sep 27,2020 11:23CST
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SMM Network: with the approval of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the second round of seven central eco-environmental protection inspection teams have been stationed in Beijing, Tianjin, Zhejiang and other three provinces (cities) and two central enterprises, including China Aluminum Group Co., Ltd., and China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd., from August 30 to September 1, 2020, and carried out supervision pilot projects for two departments, including the State Energy Administration and the State Forestry and grassland Administration. As of September 21, the inspection teams had basically completed the task of sinking.

According to the situation and focused clues of the inspectors in the previous stage, each inspection team went deep into the grass-roots level, the front line, and the scene, and carried out their work by means of covert investigation and investigation. Through sinking work, we have verified a number of outstanding eco-environmental problems, such as illegal discharge, illegal dumping, destruction of woodland, encroachment on wetlands, and destruction of ecology; verified a number of inaction, slow actions, no responsibility, no hard work, and even formalistic and bureaucratic problems such as perfunctory response and fraud; at the same time, through the combination of inspectors and self-inspection, we have promoted the orderly and effective development of departmental supervision work. The inspection groups also take the top priority of the sinking work to promote the solution of the outstanding eco-environmental problems reflected by the masses, spot check the rectification and implementation of the problems reported by the masses, and communicate with the people face to face to listen to opinions and suggestions. The sinking work has further transmitted the pressure on the protection of the ecological environment, and has won the understanding and support of the people through a return visit to the masses.

Relevant provinces (cities), departments and central enterprises all attach great importance to supervision cooperation and supervision rectification and reform work, and actively promote border supervision and reform. Its main leading comrades vigorously promote supervision and rectification work by means of on-site investigation and supervision, holding special meetings to promote, as well as strengthening interviews and accountability, and filing a case for investigation and handling. Through the joint efforts of both sides of the inspectors, the eco-environmental problems around a group of people have been solved; a number of rectification and reform and even pollution rebound problems have been investigated and dealt with; and a number of eco-environmental violations have been corrected in a timely manner.

By the evening of 20 September, all inspection groups had received a total of 8791 calls and letters from the masses, accepted 6880 valid reports, and transferred a total of 6047 reports to relevant provinces (cities), departments, and central enterprises after sorting out and combining repeated reports. Relevant provinces (cities), departments and central enterprises have completed 2242 cases and completed 846 cases in stages. Among them, 470 cases were put on file and punished, with a fine of 46.6859 million yuan, 25 cases were put on file for investigation, 30 people were detained, 120 party and government leading cadres were interviewed, and 42 party and government leading cadres were held accountable.

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