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Li Bin: sharing 30,000 charging piles with the society in the future
Sep 27,2020 08:22CST
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SMM Network News: the user concept of Weilai is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and now the service object is spreading from the brand owners to the outside. On September 26, Li Bin, founder of Weilai, said that Weilai now has more than 60 overcharging stations and more than 430 charging posts, and 90% of the charging comes from non-Weilai brand electric vehicles.

At the same time, Weilai also announced a new energy replenishment plan,: Power Up Plan, to solicit "power-on partners" from the whole society and provide a total subsidy of 100 million yuan to deploy a total of 30, 000 destination DC piles to form a convenient and flexible destination charging network covering the whole country, making pure electricity travel more convenient. It is reported that accelerating the charging speed based on destination-specific scenarios and promoting 20kW DC piles to join the ranks of charging piles is one of the key tasks being promoted by Weilai, which will not only further expand the coverage of destination charging services, but also enhance the charging experience of electric car owners of Kilai and non-Weilai brands.

In addition to showing the achievements of enterprise development such as NIO Power power station exchange, three charging piles, NIO Innovations R & D and patents, NIO Life lifestyle, etc., Weilai also focuses on releasing another technology to make travel better-Navigate on Pilot (NOP) navigation assistance.

It is reported that the navigation assistance of the Lai car has realized the function of automatic driving assistance in accordance with the navigation route under the designated route, which is the first in China to apply high-precision maps to mass production, which will give full play to the comprehensive capability of the automatic driving hardware system and further expand the capability boundary of NIO Pilot.

At the same time, pilotage aids will be released to users in batches through FOTA (remote firmware upgrade) in October this year with the NIO OS 2.7.0 upgrade. In addition to NOP, the upgrade will also introduce nearly 20 new and optimized functions such as camera-based driver fatigue warning, remote seat ventilation and 5.1 immersive surround sound, which will enhance the car experience of car owners.

NIO Life, the lifestyle brand of Xilai, launched the "FoodLab Food Research Institute", while, NIO Life also partnered with Hong Shuangxi to launch the "I am the Champion" national trend limited series, paying tribute to the champion spirit. At the scene of the auto show, more than 210 car owner volunteers are active in the auto show Weilai center to support participation in the auto show and show the corporate characteristics of Lulai users. In terms of products, Weilai mainly took part in the exhibition with its pure electric supercar EP9, medium and large SUV products ES8, medium-sized SUV models ES6 and EC6.

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