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[overnight market] the US index rebounded to a 2-month high, and most of the outer disk metals were green, down 2.52%.
Sep 26,2020 15:33CST
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SMM9 March 26: yesterday, most of the outer plate metal was green, Lunchu fell 0.36%, Lun aluminum rose 0.83%, Lunzn zinc fell 1.49%, Lunni rose 0.17%, Lunxi fell 2.52%, and Lunxi lead fell 1.58%. In the domestic market, Shanghai copper is up 0.61%, Shanghai aluminum is up 0.87%, Shanghai zinc is down 0.05%, Shanghai lead is down 0.13%, Shanghai nickel is down 0.49%, Shanghai tin is down 0.96%, thread is down 0.06%, and stainless steel is up 0.59%.

The three major indexes of US stocks collectively closed higher, with the S & P 500 up 51.90 points, or 1.60%, at 3298.46; the NASDAQ closed up 241.30 points, or 2.26%, at 10913.56; and the Dow Jones Index closed up 358.50 points, or 1.34%, at 27173.96.

The dollar index closed 0.26% higher at 94.57, up 1.7% this week, the biggest weekly percentage gain since early April. The one-month risk reversal of the dollar spot exchange rate index is close to its highest level of the quarter. JB Mackenzie, managing director of, TD Ameritrade Futures and FX, expects market volatility to intensify ahead of the November 3 US election, resulting in increased demand for the dollar, because of the uncertainty felt by investors.

Precious metals COMEX December gold futures closed down 0.6% at $1866.30 / oz, while Comex December silver futures closed down 0.4% at $23.093 / oz this week, the lowest since late July and down 14.9% this week.

In terms of crude oil, WTI crude oil futures for November closed down 0.60 U.S. dollars, or 0.15 percent, to settle at 40.25 U.S. dollars per barrel, while Brent crude oil futures closed down 5 cents, or 0.1 percent, to settle at 42.41 U.S. dollars a barrel.

In terms of data, the monthly rate of durable goods orders in the United States in August is 11.40%. 1.5% is expected to announce 0.4%.

Agency comments on US durable goods orders data for August: excluding aircraft non-defense capital durable goods orders rose 1.8% in August, 0.5% higher than expected, which is a closely watched indicator of corporate spending plans. It shows that the manufacturing industry is steadily recovering.

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