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[macro outlook] Germany announces actual monthly retail sales rate in August
Sep 26,2020 15:06CST
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SMM9 June 26: watch the actual monthly retail sales rate in Germany in August on Monday.

In terms of data, the actual monthly rate of retail sales in Germany in August is a statistical summary of the amount of retail sales, which is the total value of goods sold in cash or credit by all stores mainly engaged in retail business except the service industry. It is the leading indicator of consumer expenditure, and consumer expenditure is the most important part of the overall economic activity. Retail sales increased, which was good for the euro.

The monthly rate of Germany's import price index in August has an impact on corporate and consumer inflation, especially those that rely heavily on imported goods. If import prices continue to rise, leading to higher domestic commodity prices through the transmission mechanism, resulting in imported inflation, the pressure on the central bank to raise interest rates will increase, which will be good for the euro.

In addition, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde spoke at the hearing of the European Parliament at 21: 00 in the evening.

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