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Summary of important non-ferrous information: downstream holiday production schedule, metal weekly review, inventory change list
Sep 26,2020 12:13CST
Summary of important non-ferrous information: double sections near the production arrangements of copper processing enterprises * scrap copper goods, ticket shortage! Imported copper ingots have attracted much attention * accumulation and discount of copper in Guangdong after National Day over the years * consumption growth of downstream aluminum processing enterprises increased slightly during the National Day holiday, consumption growth was slow in peak season, base price fell sharply, aluminum bar processing fees rebounded, and the follow-up rising space was limited * lead break drop in Shanghai is expected to weaken before the festival * zinc prices refresh recent new low downstream pre-festival reserve orders all have increments * zinc downstream enterprises have National Day holidays Arrange * the market price of rare earths before the festival is still weak * the double festival of National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. How is the production of the iron and steel industry chain * the price of antimony products is steadily strengthening
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Metal news

September 25 copper weekly survey feedback: the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, how to arrange the holiday production of copper processing enterprises?

[SMM analysis] crude copper continued to concentrate in Hong Kong in August, and the import of copper concentrate fell compared with the previous month.

Scrap copper goods and tickets are in short supply. [SMM analysis] The import of copper ingots has attracted much attention.

[SMM analysis] domestic copper consumption weakens and imports of electrolytic copper decreased by 15.29% in August compared with the previous month.

[SMM analysis] count the accumulation and discount of Guangdong copper after National Day over the years.

Stocks in the mainstream copper market across the country this week decreased by 19400 tons compared with last week. [SMM data]

Copper inventory in Shanghai bonded warehouse increased by 5700 tons this week. [SMM bonded warehouse inventory]

[SMM aluminum downstream weekly survey] Aluminum downstream processing enterprises slightly increase in the National Day holiday, consumption growth is slow in the peak season

The base price has plummeted and the processing fee for aluminum bars has rebounded and there is limited room for follow-up increase.

[SMM analysis] from January to August, the total export volume of domestic prebaked anodes reached 1.071 million tons, which is expected to exceed 1.45 million tons for the whole year of 2020.

SMM Bauxite spot Weekly Review (2020.9.21-9.25) strong willingness to raise prices in mines is easy for ore prices to rise but not to fall.

SMM Alumina Weekly Review (0921-0925): return to calm after small-scale transactions overseas prices continue to fall

Weekly Review of SMM Aluminum Accessories (2020.9.21-9.25)

The holiday of lead-acid battery enterprises is similar to that of previous years during the double Mid-Autumn Festival of National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.

[brief Review of lead in SMM] lead in Shanghai breaks down and is expected to weaken before the festival.

[SMM investigation] the weekly operating rate of recycled lead in refinery technical transformation has increased to 55.8%.

Has the fundamentals of Shanghai lead suddenly plummeted to cloudy? [SMM analysis]

[SMM Analysis] imports of refined zinc rose 5.89% month-on-month in August. Import window closes and imports of major trading partners are still dominant.

[SMM survey] Zinc price refresh recent new low downstream pre-festival reserve stock orders have been increased.

[SMM analysis] the import volume of zinc ore concentrated into Hong Kong increased month-on-month in August.

[SMM Survey] arrangement of National Day Holiday for Zinc downstream Enterprises

Hu [SMM Analysis] Shanghai Nickel is holding up and turning red! The price of nickel ore is still strong. Nickel pig iron is not willing to give up price.

The construction progress of the ANTM:Haltim Ni-Fe smelter has reached 98% and is expected to be fully operational next year.

The market price of rare earths before the festival is still weak. [SMM analysis]

Long [SMM stainless Steel Weekly Review] short sellers make a profit and leave the market. SS2011 rebounds and revises its weekly position and reduces its position by more than 20, 000 hands.

Zhou [Chrome Mine Weekly Review] domestic spot firm outer disk quotations continue to rise.

SMM Iron and Steel Research] how is the production of the iron and steel industry chain coming on the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival?

China Electrolytic Manganese Industry chain Weekly report (20200925)

The Weekly Review of imported Manganese Ore (9.21-9.25): low ore price shows insufficient expectation of reserve before the festival.

Weekly Review of Silicon and Manganese Market (9.21-9.25): has the price of alloy bottomed out? Market concern points to manganese ore

Production arrangement of double Holidays in Electrolytic Manganese Industry [SMM investigation]

Li Electrolytic Manganese Weekly Review (9.21-9.25): the high manganese price is blocked and the actual trading atmosphere is quiet.

In the run-up to the long holiday, the steel mill rebounded for the first time "National Day" Si-mn rebound or increase production which is farther?

The rising trend of metal silicon is flattening downstream purchasing on demand.

[SMM Cobalt Lithium spot Weekly report (0921-0925)] the demand for power market surged in October with sporadic transactions of raw materials during the holidays.

[SMM Antimony spot Weekly Review] tight demand for raw materials improves antimony prices steadily (2020.9.21-2020.9.25)

Indium [SMM indium spot weekly review] indium price is stable (2020.9.21-2020.9.25)

Bi [SMM Bismuth spot Weekly Review] Bismuth market price is stable (2020.9.21-2020.9.25)

[SMM selenium Weekly Review] crude selenium raw material price rises, diselenide price advances steadily (2020.9.21-2020.9.25)

[SMM magnesium spot Weekly Review] pre-holiday demand supports magnesium prices to stop falling and rising slightly (2020.09.21-2020.09.25)

The price of sponge zirconium is declining due to the sluggish demand downstream. [SMM analysis]

Selected SMM Weekly report

[selected SMM Weekly] before the festival, there is a strong shipping sentiment in the market. Yangshan copper premium accelerates the downward trend.

Imports of tin mines decreased by about 44% month-on-month in August [selected SMM Weekly report] it is expected that tin mines will still be in short supply in September.

SMM Weekly report selected] Nickel price drop Nickel Raw material economy Transformation High Nickel Pig Iron economy turn worse Why is it difficult to fall?

Selected SMM Weekly report: the rare earth market has been under continuous pressure and trading has not improved.

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