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Qin Lihong came to the scene and EC6 was officially delivered in Beijing.
Sep 25,2020 16:46CST
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SMM: on the morning of September 25, 2020, the first delivery ceremony of Lulai EC6 models was officially held in NIO Space, a small town of Cofco Xiangyun, Shunyi, Beijing. A total of 10 models were delivered. Leehom Qin, founder and president of Lulai, and Fengwei, CFO, were present at the scene to deliver the keys to the owners.

The EC6, the third mass-produced model under the company, can be regarded as a crossover model of the ES6, based on which the new car has a slip-back body design. The front face still uses the Weilai "X-Bar" family design language, the upper part is daytime driving lights, and the far / low lights are placed at the bottom, which is highly recognizable.

On the side of the body, the top arc sinks from the B-pillar, and the round roof curve is connected with the rear outline, and forms a shape similar to the "duck tail" at the tail. the whole line outline is very smooth, with a typical sedan running style, and the official wind resistance coefficient is 0.26Cd.

The interior design of the new car may lack some "novelty" compared with its appearance. The flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel, full liquid crystal meter and large vertical LCD screen are all the styles of the previous model. However, judging from the official pictures previously exposed, the new car will be equipped with a larger panoramic skylight to create a transparent driving environment.

In terms of power, Lulai EC6 may launch two models (sports version and performance version), the sports version uses the dual permanent magnet motor of the maximum power 160kW, and the performance version uses the power combination of the former permanent magnet Synchronize motor (maximum power 160kW) + rear asynchronous induction motor (maximum power 240kW). In terms of battery capacity, users can choose not only the battery pack with the capacity of 70kWh, but also the battery pack with the capacity of 100kWh, which can be matched with four kinds of NEDC mileage: 425km, 605km, 435km and 615km. We will keep an eye on more news about the new car.

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