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[SMM Analysis] the export situation of EU levying temporary anti-dumping duty on Chinese aluminum profiles is facing challenges again.
Sep 25,2020 16:21CST
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SMM9 March 25: in February this year, the European Commission launched an investigation to determine whether China has dumped aluminum profile products in the European Union. The European Commission released a document on Tuesday announcing the imposition of provisional anti-dumping duties. The document decided to impose provisional anti-dumping duties of up to 48 per cent on Chinese aluminum products. According to EU documents, Guangdong Homei New Materials Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Fine Special profile Co., Ltd. will be subject to a tariff of 30.4%. Australia-American Alcoa will be subject to a tariff of 38.2%, and other "partners" will be subject to a tariff of 34.9%. Materials from all other companies will be subject to a tariff of 48%.

The anti-dumping duties are crucial to the survival of the European aluminum value chain, which is crucial to Europe's transition to a digital and green economy, the head of the European Aluminum Association said in a statement. The investigation was caused by a complaint filed by an industry group representing seven producers. China's exports of semi-processed aluminium products to the EU more than doubled in the five years to 2019, according to the industry group. Euroaluminium's members include Norway's Hydro (Norsk Hydro), Rio Tinto (Rio Tinto) and Alcoa (Alcoa). Euroaluminium said the provisional anti-dumping duties were expected to begin on October 15 and the investigation would be completed in April 2021.

According to SMM's inquiry from customs statistics, China exported 1.046 million tons of aluminum profiles in 2019, of which 137000 tons were exported to 27 countries of the European Union, surpassing Vietnam's 124000 tons, making it China's largest aluminum profile export economy. Australia also launched anti-dumping and countervailing investigations into Chinese aluminum profiles in February, following previous anti-dumping rulings or investigations against Chinese aluminum profiles, including Vietnam, the United States and Canada. Under the influence of the epidemic this year, aluminum profile exports from January to July were 469800 tons, down 22.84 percent from the same period last year, of which exports to 27 countries of the European Union were 66700 tons. With the implementation of the EU's temporary anti-dumping duties, the export situation of Chinese aluminum profiles with a slight recovery is once again facing challenges.

However, as far as this year is concerned, because of the impact of the epidemic and the fact that China has basically led the world in resuming work after the disaster, the actual export of aluminum profiles this year is much lower than that of last year. Domestic demand is still the main source of aluminum profiles, and exports account for less than 10% of the total demand. On the other hand, there are more than 180 countries in China's aluminum profile export. after the implementation of anti-dumping duties in the European Union, some domestic profile enterprises give up their exports and turn to China, while others open up other overseas markets. Generally speaking, the EU temporary anti-dumping duties will have a greater impact on the enterprises themselves, but have a limited impact on the entire domestic aluminum supply.

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