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The construction of major projects in Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone promotes the take-off of the industry.
Sep 25,2020 08:44CST
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SMM News: major industrial projects are the guarantee to promote high-quality development, the bottom card to maintain competitive advantage, and the floor to achieve stability in people's livelihood. Since the beginning of this year, Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone in Inner Mongolia has persisted in taking project construction as a magic weapon to solve development problems and stimulate economic growth, and to strengthen the important role of platform carriers and business environment on industrial projects. we will earnestly grasp the progress of continued projects, the start of new projects, the formalities of reserve projects, and the landing of investment promotion projects, rely on key projects, make every effort to build a modern industrial system, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

The landing of large projects drives the transformation and development of industries.

Recently, Jinli permanent Magnet Technology Co., Ltd., the world's leading supplier of magnetic steel for wind power and energy-saving frequency conversion air conditioning applications, and Jinli permanent Magnet Technology Co., Ltd. has selected Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone to produce high-performance rare earth permanent magnet materials. at present, it has invested 50 million yuan to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, mainly producing magnetic materials and components. The two largest rare earth exporters in China, Jiangxi Ganzhou and Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone, through the "marriage" of enterprises and lands, will further increase the production capacity of magnetic blank materials in the rare Earth High-tech Zone, fully guarantee the raw materials that gradually extend downstream of new rare earth materials, further enhance the influence of Baotou's high-performance magnetic industry, and contribute to the construction of the "magnetic capital".

To grasp the project is to grasp the development, and to seek the project is to seek the future. Since the beginning of this year, Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone has tackled the difficulties scientifically, actively sought flexible plugging points, and went all out to do a good job in project excavation, packaging and reserve around major strategic docking, major industrial development, and new infrastructure construction. we will vigorously promote the speed and efficiency of project construction.

Statistics show that Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone will organize and implement 80 key projects of more than 100 million yuan, and strive to complete an investment of 12.3 billion yuan and complete more than 40 projects within this year. It is planned to implement 48 key industrial projects with an investment of more than 100 million yuan. by the end of July, all 48 projects had resumed work, with an investment of 3.75 billion yuan. A total of 49 projects were signed from January to August, with a total investment of about 17.246 billion yuan, involving rare earth application, non-ferrous metals, equipment manufacturing, big data, urban complex, cultural tourism and other industries.

Among them, the rare earth industry plans to implement 26 key rare earth projects with a total investment of 8.113 billion yuan, vigorously develop high-end rare earth materials, and speed up the construction of a national innovation center for rare earth functional materials. we will promote large-scale mass production of rare earth steel at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 2000 MPA rare earth special steel at Shanghai Jiaotong University, and strengthen the pilot research and development of rare earth aluminum and rare earth magnesium. The aluminum and copper industry will implement six key projects with a total investment of 12.675 billion yuan, speed up the construction of high value-added aluminum products such as high-purity alumina, high-precision coated aluminum plates, electronics and household appliances aluminum foil, and actively promote Zhenxiong Copper and Huading Copper to develop new products. promote the development of the industry to high-end and green. The equipment manufacturing industry has implemented 12 key projects with a total investment of 1.92 billion yuan to speed up the construction of intelligent driverless mining vehicles in North China, intelligent robot servo motors in China Science and Technology, and North rare Earth Medical Industrial Park, and make every effort to build modern equipment manufacturing industry clusters. Emerging industries aim at middle and high-end industries such as new materials and new energy, focusing on promoting the construction of Guodian Hongnijing million kilowatt clean energy base with an investment of 14 billion yuan, and realizing the development of large-scale wind power, photovoltaic, hydrogen and clean energy heating projects.

Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone deepens the responsibility system for leaders of major projects, in accordance with the overall requirements of "leadership package, level-by-level responsibility, departmental linkage, and step-by-step promotion." focus on major projects with an investment of more than 100 million yuan to promote transformation, make up for deficiencies, long-term benefits, and drive strong major projects, led by the leaders of the Party work Committee and the Management Committee. Form a "five-one" promotion mechanism of "one project, one leader, one department, one focal point, and one set of plans", and pull the project construction out of the timetable, which month can be started for each project and the amount of investment. Project by project is clear, strengthen project monitoring and scheduling, implement monthly scheduling, quarterly analysis, half-yearly summary, year-end assessment system and major problem reporting system at any time. We should earnestly solve the problems and difficulties in the promotion of the project, and ensure that the pre-project is landed as soon as possible, that the conditions for start-up are available, and that the completed project is put into production as soon as possible.

"Seamless" Service promotes the improvement of quality and efficiency of projects

If we use the analogy of "runway" and "good weather" to emphasize the important role of platform carrier and business environment in industrial projects, then the platform carrier is the runway, and the industrial project is aircraft, and only with runway aircraft can the aircraft take off smoothly; only with a good weather environment can the aircraft take off and land normally.

In early June, with the formal application of the construction license for the Dongbao Datian Green Ecological Organic Fertilizer Project with an annual output of 200000 tons, it marked the speed of re-innovation of key industrial projects in Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone.

"when the project was first established, we were told that the time limit for examination and approval was about 60 days. Unexpectedly, it was completed in 40 days. The government departments wholeheartedly created the best conditions for the development of enterprises, which undoubtedly boosted confidence in speeding up the construction and production of the project." Jiang Ning, director of the project, told reporters.

Government service is the touchstone for the transformation of government functions and the enhancement of people's "sense of achievement". In recent years, Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone has taken the "tripartite satisfaction" of grass-roots units, enterprises, and the masses as the fundamental starting point, making every effort to create a "six most" business environment with the most advanced concept, the most enthusiastic attitude, the most simplified procedures, the quickest way of handling affairs, the lowest cost, and the most remarkable results. It has launched a number of new measures to benefit the people and further promote the "one-time" reform. We will carry out the work of "one-window acceptance" in the government service hall, "one-chain management of related matters", "one-network communication" of government services, "one-time completion" of intimate assistants, "district-wide access" of livelihood projects, and so on. We will earnestly implement the goal of "doing it immediately, doing it online, and doing it at one time", and use the "subtraction" of government power in exchange for the "addition" of market vitality.

When the water is deep, the fish is happy, and if the city is strong, Jia Xing. In recent years, Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone has continuously launched effective measures such as "take the land and start work", "run at most once", "diversified financing" and other effective measures. in recent years, we have successively issued eight policies to promote the healthy development of leading industries, 20 scientific and technological innovation, 10 policies to encourage the development of headquarters economy, and 20 policies to promote the high-quality development of private economy, and use a series of "hard measures" to create a business environment "soft power." From the aspects of alleviating the financing difficulties and expensive financing of private enterprises, reducing the production and operating costs of private enterprises, and creating a fair competition environment for private enterprises, efforts should be made to solve the difficulties, focus, blocking points and pain points encountered in the development of enterprises. Innovate the way of attracting investment, comprehensively promote entrusted investment, and carry out targeted industrial chain cultivation, targeted investment promotion and investment promotion through market-oriented, professional and enterprise-oriented operation, so as to enhance the fit between new projects and industrial layout.

"in the next step, we will focus on introducing a number of projects with high scientific and technological content and sustainable development in the fields of infrastructure, industrial development, scientific and technological innovation, ecological environment, education and health care." form a virtuous circle of 'planning one batch, reserve one batch, building one batch, completing and putting into production'. " Gao Yang, the person in charge of the Economic Development Bureau of Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone, said.

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