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Liu Yongdong: charging infrastructure needs standardized management
Sep 25,2020 08:23CST
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SMM Network: when the electric car fire accident rushed on the hot search, people will find that accidents mostly occur in the charging process, then charging piles and other hardware facilities should take the blame for this? On September 23, Liu Yongdong, director of the Standardization Management Center of the China Federation of Electric Power Enterprises, said at the Xumishan Conference that whether the quality of charging products can ensure the safe and reliable charging of electric vehicles is a topic that the industry has been worried about. charging infrastructure still needs to constantly improve safety and technical standards.

As far as the spontaneous combustion of an electric vehicle is concerned, the battery can burn and explode only with the amount of electricity, and the process of charging is the process of energy accumulation, the more energy, the greater the risk of fire; but whether the vehicle will have the risk of fire, it is also closely related to the design of the battery pack, the thermal stability of the battery, the design of the vehicle itself, and so on. The charging pile should not pay for the fire accident of the electric vehicle. However, Liu Yongdong believes that there is still room for improvement in the charging products on the market.

First of all, in terms of user experience, the electric car owner may have a half-screen charging App, on his phone, but there is still no guarantee that he will be able to charge smoothly, which is the problem caused by the lack of interconnection in the charging industry.

Secondly, as far as charging equipment is concerned, the homogenization of products such as charging piles in the market is serious, and product quality and reliability can not completely guarantee the safe and reliable charging of electric vehicles. Electroweb and related enterprises still need to make efforts to innovate and improve product reliability.

Finally, from the point of view of the technical route, the technical route of our country is relatively complex, such as DC, AC and other routes, and the technology is relatively immature, which increases the cost of industrialization of vehicle models and charging piles. at the same time, it also hinders the development of charging technology in our country.

Driven by the above problems and market demand, China is gradually promoting the standardization of the charging industry. According to Liu Yongdong, the first thing to do is to build a standard system, which will mainly focus on two aspects: first, the 2021-2035 plan has been drawn up for the development of the vehicle end, which is now only at the stage of soliciting opinions; the second is the charging facilities development planning guide being revised by the National Energy Administration, which may initially cover 2021-2025.

The second is the operation and maintenance standard, that is, the establishment of product quality and reliability management standards for charging facilities, including design specifications and construction specifications. At the same time, in order for major operators to provide charging services to users, it is necessary to establish a technical standard system for charging identity authentication to solve the problem of unified identification security of charging identity accounts.

According to Liu Yongdong, the formulation of the above two standards has been started and is expected to be completed in 2021. In addition, the standards for charging equipment are also being prepared, and the relevant standards for charging interfaces are being applied.

The other three important topics are V2G intelligent charging posts, wireless charging and power exchange standards, in which wireless charging is the basis of the scale of autopilot, and the standardization management center has completed the first step of the wireless charging roadmap; power replacement standards involve shared power replacement and heavy truck power replacement. In addition, Liu Yongdong said that the standards formulated around the charging infrastructure will also be combined with technology research and development and industry planning Synchronize. Only in this way can we really achieve the coordination of vehicle piles and promote the faster development of the new energy vehicle industry.

Editor's comments:

Although the formulation of policies and standards is a long way off for ordinary car owners, we can intuitively experience the shortcomings of the current charging market, such as lack of interconnection, electric vehicle owners have to install many charging App, interfaces or devices on their phones, resulting in vehicles having to go to designated charging piles to charge, and so on. Once the disorderly development of these markets is standardized and policed, Then the charging and user experience of users will be greatly improved, and the industry scale of new energy vehicles is expected to develop faster and better. What problems have you encountered in the charging process, and which standards do you think should be established and formulated as soon as possible?

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