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Volkswagen USA launches pure electric ID.4 standard Tesla Model Y
Sep 24,2020 14:19CST
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SMM: it is reported that on September 23rd, Volkswagen's US subsidiary launched the first pure electric SUV ID.4 and pricing strategy, which aims to open new competition with Tesla and other automakers.

The ID.4 carries a 77-kilowatt-hour battery and has a range of up to 520km in the WLTP test. The electric motor has a power of 150kW (204 PS), can accelerate from 0 to 100km / h in 8.5s, with a top speed of 160km / h.

Volkswagen said the ID.4 will be priced at $39995 initially and will drop by about $5000 once the company starts production of the new car in the US, which is expected to happen in 2022.

Tesla Model Y is priced at $49990, Model X SUV is $79990, and the lowest Model 3 sedan is $37990, both higher than the starting price of ID.4. Elon Musk (Elon Musk), chief executive of Tesla, said on Sept. 22 that a $25000 electric car is expected to be built, but it will not be realized until three years later.

Volkswagen wants to be more competitive at a lower price than Model Y. Its consumers can also get further subsidies for electric cars from the federal and state governments, while Tesla vehicles can no longer meet the subsidy standards. Coupled with the fact that ID.4 owners can charge for free on Electrify America's charging network for three years, Volkswagen's ID.4 will cost several thousand dollars less than a Tesla Model Y.

Scott Keogh, chief executive of Volkswagen's US subsidiary, said the ID.4 would be the first compact electric SUV, to sell for about $35000-the average price level of cars in the US market and aimed at high-volume segments. "We want sales". The ID series is an integral part of Volkswagen's ambitious plan to produce 1.5 million electric cars by 2025, and the company plans to use ID.4 to get Volkswagen back to buy Volkswagen vehicles, reversing the negative impact of the brand's diesel throttle scandal.

The launch of ID.4 is also a test for Volkswagen dealers. The company has asked its dealers to invest in charging stations and other infrastructure and is trying to build an online sales network for electric cars. Almost all Volkswagen dealers in the United States have agreed to make the investment, Keogh said.

John Luciano, head of the Volkswagen American Dealers Council, said dealers who use Volkswagen advertising subsidies can offset the cost of investment in charging facilities and other equipment. "if you really care, the cost you invest is almost zero." How many ID.4? will I sell? I have no idea. But consumers have been looking forward to this car for many years.

pure electric ID.4

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