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The output of non-ferrous metals in Yunxi increased by 5.2% from January to August compared with the same period last year.
Sep 24,2020 09:23CST
Source:Yunnan tin
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SMM: since the beginning of this year, in the face of the difficult situation of falling volume and prices of non-ferrous metals and weak supply and demand, Yunxi holding Company has resolutely implemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, made every effort to implement the requirements of "six stability" and "six guarantees," made every effort to resolve the adverse effects of COVID-19 's epidemic situation and the global economic downturn, United and led the vast number of cadres and workers to overcome difficulties, turn adversity into opportunities, and promote the resumption of work and production in an orderly manner. We effectively promoted the landing of major reform measures, and the production, operation and management levels of enterprises both exceeded those of the same period last year, achieved counter-trend growth, and achieved phased results in all aspects of reform and development. From January to August, the total amount of non-ferrous metals completed by Yunxi increased by 5.2% compared with the same period last year; after deducting the precious metals part, the operating income increased by 4.67% compared with the same period last year; the total profit realized was 1.926 billion yuan (including the equity disposal of Yunnan Precious Metals New Materials holding Group Co., Ltd.).

Take responsibility at the critical moment of fighting the epidemic situation.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 's epidemic situation, Yunxi has fully implemented the work of fine epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic, and has ordered prohibition and strict defense. There has not been a single confirmed or suspected case among the cadres, workers and family members of the company. At the critical moment of the most urgent domestic epidemic and the most shortage of epidemic prevention materials, we donated more than 3.5 million yuan worth of overseas medical materials to the provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters in seven batches, and made every effort to complete the emergency production task of 2.5 million gauze masks. We purchased more than 2 million yuan worth of food to assist Xianning, Hubei Province, and mobilized more than 6000 party members to donate more than 800,000 yuan to fully cooperate in the prevention and control of the epidemic in 24 residential areas and 50,000 households. It embodies the responsibility of state-owned enterprises at the critical moment.

Do everything possible to ensure production during the stable period

After the domestic epidemic situation was relatively alleviated, a series of measures were taken to promote the prevention and control of the regular epidemic situation and the work of resuming work and reproduction. all production units were at full speed, catching up, catching up, the output of products increased rapidly, and the technical indicators were better than expected. In August, the output of cathode copper and zinc ingots reached the best level in history. All kinds of stable growth technological transformation projects have been gradually put into production, the tin smelting relocation and upgrading project has been steadily advanced, and the 125000 ton copper cathode upgrading project has been completed and put into production and successfully produced gold and silver products. the average daily output of zinc and zinc ingots reached an all-time high, the old plant 3000 tons / day flotation and other process optimization and kite mountain pre-separation process put into production. Projects such as Kafang 1000 t / d polymetal project and Datun tin mine cleaning process optimization have achieved remarkable results, and the output has increased steadily, making up for the output owed by the epidemic in the first quarter.

Strong reform to break the bottleneck and stimulate vitality

Taking the opportunity of Yunnan Provincial Party Secretary Chen Hao's investigation of Yunnan tin in March this year, he continued to deepen the reform and put forward the enterprise function orientation of "focusing on the non-ferrous metal industry dominated by tin, accelerating the development of Yunnan non-ferrous metal high-end raw materials and intensive processing new materials industry, promoting Yunnan Province's traditional non-ferrous metal manufacturing industry into advanced manufacturing industry, and becoming the leader in the high-quality development of Yunnan's non-ferrous metal industry." It clarifies the direction of future development. We will focus on building a managerial, efficient and value headquarters that combines strategic control and operational control, and initiate the implementation of the optimization and reengineering of the organizational structure of the headquarters and the "de-administration" of cadres and personnel. to achieve the streamlining target of "four halves" in the total number of internal organizations, middle managers, junior managers and on-duty personnel in the headquarters, the age and knowledge structure of personnel in the headquarters have been optimized, and the appointment system has been implemented for the middle managers in the headquarters. Broke the "lifelong system" and "iron chair".

Promote harmonious performance of responsibilities and pay attention to implementation

We will continue to increase accurate assistance work. From January to August, a total of 4.209 million yuan of assistance funds have been invested within the enterprise to help families of staff and workers in difficulties extricate themselves from difficulties. A total of 38.053 million yuan of donated funds and aid funds have been invested abroad. We will make every effort to do a good job in the counterpart assistance work in Luchun County and Yuanyang County, and vigorously support the construction of public welfare undertakings in Maguan County, Wenshan Prefecture. In a positive response to the concerns of the staff and workers, on the basis of the increase in the deposit proportion of housing provident fund from 10% to 12% in 2019, the contribution base of housing provident fund has been further adjusted; we will speed up the resolution of problems left over from history, and the separation and transfer of the maintenance and transformation of "three supplies and one industry" has been completed in an all-round way; we have accelerated the processing of indemnificatory housing property rights certificates, and the first batch of more than 1000 property rights certificates have been issued to households.

Cheng Ruihan, general manager of Yunxi holding Company, said: at present, the economic environment at home and abroad is still complex and grim, and the company's production and operation work is still under great pressure. Yunxi will continue to comprehensively strengthen its crisis awareness of "ensuring the bottom line of survival". We will unswervingly push forward reform, grasp innovation, strengthen management and control, go all out to reduce costs, reduce risks, stabilize operation, and make every effort to sprint for the annual goals and tasks, so as to lay a good foundation for doing a good job next year.


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