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[stock market changes] rare earth permanent magnet plate rose Jinli permanent magnet Tesla led the rise
Sep 23,2020 13:51CST
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SMM9 March 23: today, the A cobalt plate of rare earth permanent magnets rose, with Jinli permanent magnet leading the way, up 18.42 percent as of 13:41, steel Inak 8.42 percent, and Earth Bear and Galactic magnets up more than 5 percent.

In order to expand investment in strategic emerging industries, cultivate and strengthen new growth poles, give better play to the important engine role of strategic emerging industries, speed up the construction of a modern industrial system, and promote high-quality economic development, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the guidance on expanding Investment in Strategic emerging Industries and nurturing and strengthening New growth poles). The guidance calls for speeding up the improvement of quality and efficiency of the new generation of information technology industry. We will increase investment in 5G construction, speed up the development of 5G commercial use, give priority to government organs, enterprises, institutions, and public institutions at all levels to base station construction, and study and promote the inclusion of 5G base stations in commercial buildings and residential construction standards. We will speed up efforts to tackle key technologies such as basic materials, key chips, high-end components, new display devices, and key software, vigorously promote the construction of key projects and major projects, and actively expand reasonable and effective investment. The "guiding opinions" put forward to speed up the strong and weak points of the new material industry. Focusing on ensuring the stability of the industrial chain supply chain in key areas such as large aircraft, microelectronics manufacturing and deep-sea mining, we will speed up breakthroughs in photoresist, high-purity targets, superalloys, high-performance fiber materials, high-strength, high-conductivity and heat-resistant materials, corrosion-resistant materials, large-size silicon wafers, electronic packaging materials and other fields. We will implement an action plan for the innovation and development of new materials to enhance the technical level of characteristic resources such as rare earth, vanadium and titanium, tungsten and molybdenum, lithium, rubidium and cesium and graphite in mining, smelting and deep processing, and speed up the development of graphene and nanomaterials in optoelectronics, aviation equipment, new energy, biomedicine and other fields. The news boosted the popularity of the rare earth sector.

On the evening of September 22nd, Jiangxi Jinli permanent Magnet Technology Co., Ltd. issued a notice on the signing of the "spare parts purchase Agreement" with Tesla. Jiangxi Jinli permanent Magnet Technology Co., Ltd. and Tesla,Inc. (including its subsidiaries, hereinafter referred to as "Tesla Company") signed a spare parts purchase Agreement on September 21, with the subject matter of the transaction being NdFeB magnets. The signing of the procurement agreement with Tesla to provide Tesla with rare earth permanent magnet products will have a positive impact on the company's further expansion of the new energy vehicle market. The news boosted the share price of Jinli permanent magnet.

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