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Musk exposed that the battery made a major breakthrough: the brokerage rushed to read the article to understand the list of concept stocks.
Sep 23,2020 10:41CST
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SMM: at 4: 30 this morning, Tesla opened an eye-catching battery day at his factory in Fremont, California. This is the first time it has held a conference specifically on battery technology. Musk introduced the future battery output, battery system innovation, technical route to reduce cost (including cell link, technological process), innovation of module Pack structure and new materials for positive and negative electrodes.

The new highlight is that Musk announced that they will switch from "cobalt" to "nickel" models, strive to achieve cobalt-free, and eventually achieve a 15% reduction in cathode costs. In the future, the energy of the new "4680" battery will be increased by 5 times, the mileage will be increased by 16%, and the power will be increased by 6 times. At the same time, due to solving the problem of continuous production, the speed of Tesla battery production line will be increased 7 times. But mass production will not be achieved until 2022, and Tesla still wants to increase procurement in the Panasonic, LG and Ningde era.

According to the evaluation and feedback from the leading battery companies, Haitong Dianxin team said that Tesla's battery day was in line with expectations. Tesla's home-made battery innovation ideas included larger cylindrical diameters, dry electrodes, etc., while the core electrochemical system did not have a subversive innovation, which did not go beyond the research and development of Ningde era and LG, and did not mention larger innovations such as million-mile batteries, cobalt-free, solid-state, pre-lithiation, and so on.

Changjiang Dianxin team also commented at the first time that a variety of battery technologies released by Tesla Battery Day are all future directions, but their revolutionaries are limited and have been revealed one after another in the early stages; at the same time, domestic enterprises have explored these technological directions, and how to turn them into engineering is the key point.

After the release of the battery day, the US stock Tesla fell more than 6 per cent in after-hours trading, after rising more than 5 per cent due to the lower-than-expected performance of the battery day.

A number of institutions believe that in the process of Tesla actively promoting the progress of battery technology, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, the domestic supply chain is expected to benefit. Taking into account the huge demand for Tesla battery and the technology-intensive characteristics of the battery industry, Tesla supply chain-related investment opportunities are more clear.

The new Hai Tong Dian is the Ningde era, the negative pole of the LG- Tesla project is exclusively for Shangxiang Fenghua (negative electrode), Enjie shares (diaphragm) and so on. Citic Securities Dianxin team also suggests paying attention to German Nano (LFP material), Putailai (negative electrode), New Zeus (electrolyte), Tiantong material (electrolyte), Kodali (shell) and so on.

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