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Luoping zinc e-commerce procurement and sales bidding platform is officially put into operation.
Sep 23,2020 08:54CST
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SMM News: as we all know, in the process of purchasing and selling of enterprises, there is often the phenomenon of asymmetric information of purchasing and selling, and the communication and trust chain between upstream and downstream of enterprises is also very difficult to establish.

In view of the fact that the company has many kinds of procurement and sales, a wide range of business types, and complex procurement and sales processes, Luoping Zinc Electric Power has actively innovated the sales and service mechanism, and the e-commerce procurement and sales bidding business has now been officially launched on the PC side.

At present, the company has put the procurement of zinc concentrate, zinc roasting, raw and auxiliary materials, spare parts, labor protection supplies, etc.; sales of lead concentrate, silver concentrate, germanium concentrate, waste materials, etc., as well as project construction bidding information on the e-commerce mining and sales bidding platform, warmly welcome the majority of customers, suppliers, engineering construction units to pay attention to the platform information. Platform address: http://system.lpxdgf.cn/.

Contact person for bidding and tendering of the platform: Mr. Liu 15974638101;

System failure maintenance contact: Mr. Huang 13769569862.

Luoping Zinc Electric is committed to breaking the traditional trading mode and providing true and transparent transaction information for both buyers and sellers. at the same time, in the process of bidding, the company will strictly check the authenticity and fairness of the transaction, effectively avoid malicious bidding and breach of contract, and improve the security and achievement rate of the transaction.

Sunshine, justice, speed, so that product sales faster, so that material procurement is easier, Luoping zinc e-commerce procurement bidding platform welcomes your participation!

Luoping Zinc Electric

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