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Dajishan Tungsten Industry Sikengkou braided Underground electricity "Safety net"
Sep 22,2020 10:11CST
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SMM Network News: since the beginning of this year, in order to further improve the management level of underground power consumption and ensure the reliability and safety of underground power consumption, Jiangxi Dajishan Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dajishan Tungsten Industry" or "the Company") weaves underground power "safety net" around the 16-character principle of "Electroweb reliable, effective training, inspection up to standard, and management in place".

It is understood that the sixteen-character principles of electricity safety include: system construction-reasonable. Re-combing the direction of underground trunk lines and branches, laying conditions, replacing old lines, around the management objectives of simplification of power consumption system, reliability of facilities, rationalization of grid, matching of power equipment and network, reasonable construction of underground power consumption system, to achieve underground power operation without dead angle, full process, differential, fine management.

Hidden danger prevention-in place. Always adhere to the target management of "zero accidents" in mine safety, implement weekly inspection, special and irregular safety inspection system, and conduct a comprehensive and systematic investigation on the use of mechanical and electrical equipment in good condition, power supply system and all kinds of protection devices. Summarize the hidden dangers found underground, classify and summarize the hidden dangers, and refine the rectification measures of power consumption management, so that there are records, measures, responsibilities, implementation and rectification.

On-site responsibility-clear. Carry out safety supervision scientifically, reasonably and effectively, continuously do a good job in the inspection and elimination of lines and equipment, and determine personnel, responsibilities, and implement the regional responsibility system. We will implement the underground follow-up system for management cadres, and managers will go deep into the front line, command in front, supervise the leakage, current, overload, line temperature and voltage on the line equipment, and do the safety management of fine power consumption.

Education and training-precision. To organize and study cases of underground power accidents, to find out their own shortcomings by analogy, and to carry out knowledge training such as power safety management, safety protection of external power lines and electrical equipment, causes of power accidents, emergency handling and preventive measures of power accidents, to improve the level of skills, standardize operation behavior, and improve the ability of protection.

Contingency plan-pragmatic. Set up an emergency response team to deal with emergencies, form an emergency mechanism with timely reporting, unified command and proper handling, and further enhance the comprehensive management and anti-risk ability of accidents; carry out emergency drills and use actual combat to enhance emergency response capabilities, form the ability to deal with accidents quickly, efficiently and in an orderly manner, further refine various response measures, effectively enhance emergency handling capabilities, and ensure safe and stable operation of production.

Up to now, the fourth pit mouth of Dajishan tungsten industry is carrying out in-depth safety management of underground power consumption, at the same time, normalizing safety management, strengthening hidden trouble investigation and management and safety risk control, building a solid production safety firewall, and strengthening safety publicity efforts, further strengthen employees' safety awareness, and comprehensively create a "I understand safety, I want safety" atmosphere.

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