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Virtual power plant may be written into the "14th five-year Plan" energy storage industry station tuyere
Sep 22,2020 10:01CST
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SMM News: Shanghai Economic and Information Commission recently approved the approval to further carry out Shanghai power demand response and virtual power plant work. It is reported that Shanghai has taken the lead in carrying out the global comprehensive response of virtual power plants in China, turning 806 electricity customers into virtual power plants that can participate in "peak cutting and valley filling", realizing the aggregation and coordination and optimization of a large number of idle and fragmented loads.

The East China Energy Regulatory Administration has conducted a special investigation to explore the important role that virtual power plants can play in power planning and market construction during the 14th five-year Plan. Virtual power plant has no physical form of power plant, but is equivalent to an electric power "intelligent butler", which can aggregate, optimize and manage a variety of distributed energy sources. What is particularly important is that the virtual power plant can alleviate the peak power shortage, cut the peak and fill the valley, is a kind of demand-side response mode, and can stabilize the strong random fluctuation of new energy power to the greatest extent.

The industry pointed out that if the renewable energy planning target of the 14th five-year Plan is raised, it will test the consumption and stable operation of the power system. At present, Central China requires that photovoltaic and wind power with 30MW and above must have primary frequency modulation function, and energy storage power stations must be brought into the management of power plants. The Guojin Securities Research report pointed out that it is expected that the space and importance of energy storage in the 14th five-year Plan will be significantly higher than the previous two five-year plans, and energy storage will also be the next key support direction in China's energy field.

The New Times Securities Research News pointed out that the big blue ocean based on optical storage and superimposed virtual power plants and the poor expectations of the market for distributed photovoltaic operators, the domestic household leader Zhengtai Electric Appliance and Zhonglai shares, distributed power stations and power station operators Lin Yang Energy, Crystal Science, and Solar Energy.

Guodian Nanrui, a leader in energy information technology, is recommended by the Guojin Securities Research News. benefiting from the construction of UHV, energy Internet and electricity market transaction information service providers, the company is accelerating layout automation and emerging market areas.

In addition, the related targets of the industrial chain are Penghui Energy, which has a complete energy storage product line, and the company has reached strategic cooperation with Trina Solar Energy to jointly layout the energy storage industry. Shengyang shares, focusing on new energy storage, standby power and other areas, actively expand the lithium energy storage market. After the completion of the company's non-public offering, the actual controller will be changed to Shandong SASAC.

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