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Wuxi Fine Vision Technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture of "China Aluminum sheet, Strip and foil Industry Purchasing Distribution Map 2021"
Sep 22,2020 14:11CST
Fine vision-making quality inspection easier
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As an important basic material for the development of our national economy, aluminum plate, strip and foil is widely used in aviation, aerospace, construction, printing, transportation, electronics, chemical industry, food, medicine and other industries. In order to promote the sustainable development of China's aluminum plate, strip and foil, SMM adheres to the original idea of building a "professional, practical and efficient" platform for the upstream and downstream of the domestic aluminum plate and foil industry, will re-investigate, collate and proofread the information of Chinese aluminum plate, strip and foil enterprises, and sincerely invite industry enterprises to jointly produce and release the "China Aluminum Plate, Strip and foil Industry Purchasing Distribution Map 2021". Hope to help downstream buyers and end customers to find suitable suppliers of aluminum sheet, strip and foil. At the same time, while working hard for the development of the aluminum plate, strip and foil industry, Wuxi Fine Vision Technology Co., Ltd. with a strong attitude to help it, actively join the cooperative enterprises, join hands in "increasing the size" of the aluminum plate, strip and foil industry, with "make beautiful" to create the future of the industry!

Wuxi Fine Vision Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Fine Vision Technology Co., Ltd. belongs to China Sensor Network International Innovation Park, located in Wuxi, the core area of the Yangtze River Delta with beautiful scenery and developed economy. Wuxi Fine Vision Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in automatic inspection equipment of machine vision. at the same time, it is also a domestic early technology leading machine vision solution provider.

Since its inception, the company has been focused on the field of machine vision inspection, which aims to help enterprises improve product quality, find defective products, save labor and reduce manufacturing costs. The main products are pinhole detection system, film defect detection system, non-woven defect detection system, paper defect detection system, sheet metal visual inspection system and so on. Aluminum foil industry represents customers such as Chinalco, Mingtai Aluminum, Xiamen Baoli, Shanghai Huili, Xinjiang Zhonghe and so on.



The company's main technical R & D teams come from domestic well-known universities and scientific research institutions such as Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Zhejiang University. They have rich practical experience in the industry and can provide corresponding solutions according to the characteristics and requirements of different industries.

At present, the company has obtained high-tech enterprises, private science and technology enterprises, software enterprises and other qualifications, products through the ISO9001 quality system certification, the company has always adhered to the "customer first, scientific and technological innovation, work together to create a better tomorrow" business philosophy, for the majority of enterprises to provide quality products and services. Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to come, call and negotiate online.


Main products:


Equipment for detecting surface defects of aluminum coil


Aluminum foil is very thin aluminum, according to the International Standards Organization definition: the thickness ranges from 0.2mm to the limit of 0.006 mm. The manufacturing process of aluminum foil is processed by rolling from 2mm and 4mm plates, in which the aluminum germ is cold rolled in turn until the coil reaches the desired thickness. Aluminum foil has good isolation to light, oxygen, taste, moisture and bacteria, so it is widely used in food and drug packaging. In the process of double rolling mill, two foils separated at the same time can get very thin foil (thickness range from 6 to 30 μ m).

However, due to the micro-penetration of thin foil, production environment and other reasons, pinholes will inevitably be caused in the production process. The traditional practice is to arrange manual detection of these pinholes in the process of rewinding; however, due to human eye fatigue, limited human eye resolution, high labor costs and other reasons, 100% visual detection of foil can not be carried out. In order to detect these defects, many aluminum foil manufacturers use automatic detectors. MVI of Wuxi Precision Vision Co., Ltd. as a professional aluminum foil testing instrument, the detection rate of aluminum foil defects on the rewinding line is up to 100%.


[working principle]

This principle is based on the use of highlight LED and high-speed industrial cameras, the highlighted LED beam is used as the light source, when there are pinholes in the aluminum foil, the beam penetrates the aluminum foil, and the high-speed industrial camera acts as a light sensor to receive light through the pinholes in the aluminum foil. This small light generates a signal to tell the system that there is a hole, and according to the size, shape, light and dark of the pinhole, the type, area and actual coordinate position of the pinhole are calculated.

Due to the detection accuracy, the size of the camera photosensitive element and other reasons, the detection range of the industrial camera is limited. For example, if the pinhole requires a detection accuracy of 0.1mm, then the detection range of a 4k industrial camera does not cover more than 400mm; when the width of aluminum foil is greater than 400mm, it means that multiple industrial cameras need to be used for testing. Generally, for adjacent industrial cameras, we will design an overlapping area of 15mm to ensure a 100% detection rate. The figure below represents the arrangement of light sources and optical sensors seen from the front, with an overlap between each optical sensor. The number of cameras required is related to the width of the aluminum foil.

The advantage of using a highlight LED light source: the beam is focused in one direction, not in all directions. In this way, the light reflection on the metal foil and the influence of ambient light on the product are avoided, and the risk of false alarm is greatly reduced.



[system function]

System function



Easy to operate

The interface is clear, the operation is easy, and the users can use it smoothly after simple training.


Real-time display of defects

When the product goes through the inspection system, once the defect is found, the picture of the defect can be seen in the system immediately, and the specific information such as the type, size and location of the defect can be displayed.


Defect distribution map

On the defect distribution map, by pulling the screen up and down, the user can easily understand the overall quality of the current inspection batch.



Defect classification

The system has its own database for the classification of various defects, when there are defects will automatically classify the defects, it is very intuitive to see the size, area and other information of the defects. We classify customer requirements for defects in advance and add them to our system database.



Real-time alarm

When defects are found, the system will immediately alarm the sound and light to remind the staff at the scene. Our system will alarm immediately when defects are found, and there is no time error.



Marking machine (optional)

Equipped with marking machine, when defects are found, labels are affixed to the edge of the product through the marking machine, which is convenient for production personnel to find defects. The marking machine is optional and is not included in the standard configuration of our system itself.


Product quality report

Automatically generate reports, statistics of all kinds of defects, so that customers can intuitively display the quality information of each volume. At the same time, the system also has the function of report printing.


The setting of the accuracy of testing defects

Customers can set the inspection accuracy of defects according to the quality requirements of the product itself. Users can choose different detection accuracy according to different customers.



Communicate with external devices

The system can adapt to the signals of other equipment, and can provide signals to our detection system according to the production situation of the production line. It mainly includes the collection of signals such as suspension, alarm, removal mode and so on.


System restore

Every time the system shuts down, it will automatically restore the system disk to the state of the first day of installation to ensure the stability of the long-term use of the system.


Remote maintenance

With the daily maintenance and management of the system, the company can realize long-distance and fast service by connecting the system remotely.


Address: building G10, China Sensor Network International Innovation Park, Xinwu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

Contact: full Manager

Tel: 18020 500647


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