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Investigation report on the Development of Aluminum Formwork Industry in 2020
Sep 21,2020 11:18CST
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SMM News: introduction

Aluminum alloy formwork technology originated in the United States in 1962 and has a history of nearly 60 years. Aluminum formwork has been widely used in Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East and other countries. At the beginning of the 21st century, aluminum formwork began to sprout in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in China. Aluminum formwork has a series of advantages in construction, environmental protection, efficiency and outstanding system advantages. in recent years, it has been growing rapidly at an average annual rate of nearly 20% in the field of domestic construction.

On the basis of fully drawing lessons from the development of foreign aluminum formwork system, China's aluminum formwork industry has further fully integrated with domestic advanced design and modern manufacturing system, and deepened and extended a series of excellent characteristics of new technology. For example, the aluminum formwork after large extrusion has the characteristics of higher strength, greater stiffness, better stability, lightweight aluminum formwork, high construction precision, short construction cycle, once pouring, beautiful and tidy, no construction waste and many other advantages have been widely respected by the construction industry.

A research background

(1) favorable policies throughout the country have effectively promoted the expansion of the aluminum formwork market.

In 2020, a series of favorable policies on aluminum formwork were further promulgated throughout the country. In May, the "guidance on promoting the reduction of Construction waste" issued by the Ministry of Housing and Construction pointed out that the reuse of temporary facilities and turnover materials should be improved, and the promotion of turnover materials such as aluminum formwork should be encouraged. In March, Shaanxi Province issued a technical notice for the promotion of aluminum alloy templates. As of August 2020, many provinces and cities in China, such as Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hunan, Jiangsu, Hainan, Fujian, Shenzhen and so on, have issued favorable policies to promote aluminum templates. From the central to the local level, policies at all levels have fully released the development potential of aluminum templates and accelerated the promotion of the application of aluminum templates. On the whole, the promotion level of aluminum template is getting higher and higher, and the intensity is getting stronger and stronger.

At the same time, the practice of aluminum template policy is becoming more and more systematic and in-depth. For example, the promotion of aluminum template policy in Shanxi Province is very deep and comprehensive. For example, during the two sessions in 2020, the China Formwork and scaffolding Association proposed to the Ministry of Finance that "aluminum formwork for waste buildings" be included in the "preferential catalogue of value-added tax for products and services for comprehensive utilization of resources" and apply for a preferential tax policy of about 30%. The energy consumption of aluminum template recovery is only 5% of that of primary aluminum, and the advantage of green environmental protection is significant.

(2) the present situation of the market development of aluminum formwork industry

The sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic has had a great impact on the world economic growth, and the construction industry has also been deeply affected by the epidemic. With the gradual recovery of local construction projects, the aluminum formwork industry is the first to usher in a small spring, this wave of good market is still continuing. The prosperity of aluminum formwork benefits from three forces profoundly supporting the development of aluminum formwork industry. First, the potential force of the mold base market scale. Aluminum formwork is in a period of rising development. At present, it has reached about 30% of the market share in high-rise residential buildings. There is still room for continuous improvement. In the next few years, the middle and upper levels in developed areas can reach more than 50%. Second, the power of green environmental protection, aluminum template to build a new green development system, and third, the power of industrial upgrading, aluminum template to promote the mold base industry to the era of Seiko.

In 2020, the stock of aluminum formwork in China, the scale of old aluminum formwork exceeds the stock boundary of brand-new aluminum formwork for the first time. The second new aluminum formwork is increasingly becoming the mainstream in the market, and the market of template renovation and old template restructuring is deepening day by day.

From a macro point of view, with the substantial increase in production capacity of the aluminum template industry, competition continues to intensify. Enterprises are increasingly adopting a cautious strategy for large-scale investment and production of brand-new aluminum formwork, generally adopting the matching and combination strategy of new and old aluminum formwork, under the premise of taking the construction effect as the guide and meeting the requirements of project construction quality, through constantly optimizing and adjusting the proportion of new and old combinations to achieve the performance-to-price ratio, so as to achieve the balance and win-win situation of cost and quality between aluminum mold rental enterprises and construction parties.

The basic situation of the second industry

According to the statistics of China Formwork and scaffolding Association, by the end of August 2020, the national aluminum alloy formwork market has about 78 million tons (including non-standard formwork). There are about 800 aluminum alloy formwork equipment processing, R & D and design, production and processing, leasing and contracting enterprises. Among them, there are 2 super large enterprises, 15 large aluminum mold enterprises (more than 1 million square meters), 50 medium aluminum mold enterprises, more than 100 small aluminum mold enterprises, and a number of micro enterprises at the same time.

(1) Regional distribution of aluminum formwork enterprises

There are 115 enterprises in this survey. Among them, 11 are in Northeast China, accounting for 9.6%, 23 in North China, accounting for 20%, 24 in East China, accounting for 20.9%, 31 in Central and South China, accounting for 27%, 14 in Northwest China, accounting for 12.2%, and 12 in Southwest China, accounting for 10.4%.

(2) Distribution of production and marketing types of aluminum formwork enterprises

Research enterprises pure production and sales of aluminum formwork enterprises accounted for 7%, pure leasing enterprises accounted for 7.8%, production and leasing integrated enterprises accounted for 85.2%, in the production and leasing integrated construction enterprises, at the same time to carry out comprehensive contracting business accounted for 26.1%. Among all aluminum formwork enterprises, 18.3% of aluminum formwork enterprises carry out professional contracting business, and 7.8% enterprises carry out construction general contracting business. Aluminum formwork enterprises are no longer limited to the traditional pure production, pure leasing, integrated operation, and the extension of contracting business downstream has increasingly become a new feature of the industry.

(3) main types of product management

Many enterprises operate a single product system, at the same time, some enterprises operate two kinds of system products at the same time. On the whole, the screw system still occupies the mainstream, accounting for 76.32%, and the drawing system accounts for 23.68%.

(4) prices of raw materials are higher than those of the same period last year

According to the survey, 50% of enterprises said that the price of raw materials increased compared with the same period last year, 42.11% said that the price of raw materials was basically the same as the same period last year, and 7.89% said that the price of raw materials had decreased compared with the same period last year. The price trend of aluminum ingots in 2020 can be seen with reference to the following figure. Affected by the epidemic, aluminum ingot prices are at the lowest point from late March to early April. Aluminum ingot prices have continued to rise since April and have been basically stable since July. Due to the different stock preparation cycle of different enterprises, the purchase price is different, and there are statistical differences in price research. I would like to remind all aluminum template enterprises that they should pay close attention to the changes in the price of raw materials and replenish their inventory when the price is low.

(5) average selling price of aluminum formwork

Due to the different regions of the research enterprises, affected by the origin of raw materials, market prices and other factors, especially product quality, settlement methods, buyers' payment reputation and other factors, there are also significant differences in market sales prices. Among them, the proportion of less than 750 yuan is 2.63%, and the proportion is 28.95%. 850-950 yuan is accounted for by 28.95%, and 44.74% is accounted for by 950 yuan and above. 23.68%.

(6) the rental price of aluminum formwork

Due to the influence of payment method and contract agreement, there are differences in the rental price range of aluminum template market. Among them, less than 400 yuan / less accounts for 2.63%, 400-500 yuan per pig, 42.11% for 500-600 yuan, and 50% for more than 600 yuan, 5.26%.

(7) the operating situation of aluminum formwork enterprises in 2020

1. The overall operation of the enterprise from January to August 2020 is compared with that of the same period last year.

From a macro point of view, although the epidemic has an impact on some enterprises, the aluminum template market is still in the boom range, and the market share is gradually increasing. Among them, 34.21% of the newly signed contract orders were the same as the same period last year, while 52.63% of the newly signed contract orders increased compared with the same period last year.

2. The sales price is higher than that of the same period last year.

Since the second quarter of 2020, the impact of novel coronavirus's epidemic has gradually diminished, the scale of aluminum formwork production has expanded, the competition among enterprises has intensified, and the market has begun to compete at low prices. the survey results show that the sales prices of 57.89% enterprises are the same as last year, while the sales prices of 31.58% enterprises are lower than the same period last year. Affected by the fluctuation of raw material prices, the increase in the cost of aluminum formwork profiles, the upgrading of the quality of aluminum formwork materials, and the difficulty of construction, the sales prices of 10.53% enterprises increased slightly compared with the same period last year.

3. The quantity of inventory is higher than that of the same period last year

Aluminum template inventory index and new order index correlation analysis, the market is in the boom range. 39.47% of the enterprise inventory was the same as the same period last year, 31.58% of the enterprise inventory increased compared with the same period last year, and 28.95% of the enterprise inventory decreased compared with the same period last year. It should be noted that aluminum template is a high turnover material, old template recovery and repair needs a cycle, at present, the conversion of new and old templates is reflected to a certain extent to replenish inventory. At the same time, some enterprises are facing fierce market competition, especially price competition, which makes it more difficult to operate and increase inventory.

4. Comparison of the difficulty of repayment in the same period

In terms of difficulty in getting back money, 52.7% of enterprises said it was basically the same as last year, while 31.2% said it was more difficult to get back money. Although the state has issued a series of policies not to default on project payments, the difficulty of repayment "does not decrease but increases", which fully shows that the competition in the aluminum formwork industry is fierce.

5. The stock size of aluminum template industry is estimated (research value)

This time, we conducted a round of research on the market stock scale of aluminum formwork industry. among them, 13.16% of enterprises think that the market stock size of aluminum template is less than 60 million square meters, 21.05% of enterprises think that the stock scale is between 6000 and 70 million square meters, 10.53% of enterprises think that the stock scale is between 7000 and 80 million square meters, and 55.26% of enterprises think that the stock scale is more than 80 million square meters. According to the investigation and correction of China Formwork Scaffold Association, the market scale of stock aluminum formwork in China is about 78 million yuan.

The predicament and challenge of the three industries

(1) the production capacity of aluminum formwork is saturated, and the competition in the industry is intensified.

On the one hand, the overall construction industry is stable, the new construction area and completed area fluctuate little, while the construction cycle is extended. From 2017 to 2019, the completed area of the construction industry in the past three years is 4.19 billion, 4.11 billion and 4.02 billion square meters respectively. After the promotion of aluminum formwork in the early stage, the share of high-rise residential buildings with high performance and price is increasing day by day, and it has been well applied. The future development space, such as small high-rise, middle and low floors, basements, public buildings, complex structures, etc., will have a long way to go to improve the market share.

In the same period, the production capacity of the aluminum template industry has increased too fast, the new production capacity of enterprises is greater than the market demand, orders are diluted, contracts are reduced, productivity underemployment is widespread, competition is fierce, and rental and sale prices have dropped significantly. On the other hand, the national policy reduces the production capacity of electrolytic aluminum, causing market fluctuations, aluminum prices have rebounded significantly recently, raw material prices have risen significantly, the overall profit space of the industry has been reduced, and the rate of return on investment in aluminum templates has been reduced. Aluminum formwork is increasingly becoming an industry with high investment, high risk and long return cycle.

(2) the mixed management mode of new and old aluminum formwork is more difficult, and the requirement of fine management is improved.

According to this survey, many aluminum formwork manufacturers that have been in operation for more than 3 years have the situation that the proportion of new and old aluminum formwork is 40% of the new plate corresponding to 60% of the old plate (or floating up and down). The era of fine management of old template management has come. The quality of aluminum template products is excellent, generally speaking, the damage is less after 30-40 times of turnover, and the turnover can continue after a little maintenance and renovation after returning to the factory. However, in many cases, this advantage is easy to be extensive management and consumed by the rough construction of the construction team. Due to the arrival of the aging era of construction workers, the construction environment is difficult, it is difficult to cultivate young skilled workers, aluminum formwork pry, twist, fall and other common phenomena, on-site material management, installation process, plate removal process, loss in the recovery process, the phenomenon of damage is common, and the repair rate is increasing, resulting in greater economic losses.

How to finely manage 1 round secondary board, 2 round secondary board. Up to 5-6 rounds of secondary boards, how to control the turnover deviation of the 1.5mm level, which poses a higher challenge to the construction management and turnover management. A group of advanced enterprises in the industry have taken the lead in making useful attempts in coding system, shelf classification management, supply chain logistics management and so on. On the whole, the industry is still in the exploratory stage of high-quality management of the old template.

(3) continuous improvement of the pre-assembly-free system

Due to the fierce competition in the market, the price profit of aluminum formwork is extremely meagre, and the pre-assembly-free system has become an important option for enterprises to reduce costs. However, China's architectural design system is more complex, aluminum formwork mold design is often a large number of special-shaped components, aluminum formwork types, types, a large number of aluminum formwork, it is difficult to effectively count and identify. The integration of design, production and assembly without pre-assembly is extremely strict, and the link connection is often prone to mistakes. At the same time, once it enters the link of inventory, turnover and renovation, as the construction of the coding system of the enterprise needs to be improved, the management of stacking order, the serious acceptance of old board deformation and other links need to be further improved, including factors such as communication with all parties, for many enterprises, free pre-assembly is still facing a series of operational problems.

(4) the application of aluminum alloy formwork in the joint parts of prefabricated buildings.

There are still many technical and matching problems in the implementation and application of prefabricated buildings, especially the key technical system of aluminum formwork used in joints, the common prefabricated components of the connection part of the font, L-shape, T-shape, cross and other types of aluminum formwork formwork design, need deep experience in aluminum formwork design and construction, how to optimize, how to tackle key problems and develop an integrated solution to anti-leakage slurry, settlement plate, In the design system such as oblique brace, the aluminum mold industry needs to play a leading role in tackling key problems professionally.

The noteworthy developments of the four aluminum formwork industry

The blue ocean era of the aluminum formwork industry is about to become a thing of the past and is about to enter a new stage of sustained and stable development of the industry; at the same time, it is also likely to enter a new critical stage of reform and adjustment. The following new ideas, multi-dimensional and systematic competition are bound to have a new impact on the industry. Enterprises themselves should quickly do a good job in the management transformation of the fine era, and at the same time, they should pay close attention to a number of new business models or technological frontiers.

Dynamic 1: the new aluminum template replaces the old template mode

Aluminum formwork is between 20-25kg per square meter and about 40 square meters per ton. The large-scale domestic aluminum industry can often have an aluminum processing capacity of more than 100000 tons per year, such as a domestic enterprise not only has a 7500-ton extruder, but also has a fully automatic aluminum template intelligent production line, but also has the advantage of recycling aluminum smelting. Recently, the enterprise has launched a new aluminum template replacement model, and the recovery price of waste aluminum template is about 350 yuan. due to the scale effect, the cost of making new aluminum template after smelting the old template is low, and its sales price is basically the same as the average cost of the industry.

The impact of this new aluminum template replacement mode on the industry is that: in general, after deducting the loss rate and management costs, the initial aluminum template renovation cost is low. With the increase of the turnover times of aluminum formwork and the deformation of old formwork, the cost of modification and renovation will increase, and the cost of management will increase. When the renovation cost is too high, until the cost crosses linearly, the old template will be sold as waste aluminum. When the price of the new aluminum template is low, it is faced with a linear crossover that moves forward greatly. This all-new board model into the market competition, once there is a new large aluminum industry to follow, it is bound to have an impact on the industry model, most aluminum template enterprises how to deal with, how to use the symbiosis model, it is worth paying attention to. Go a step further, this also forces the management strategy, management strategy, aluminum mold cycle turnover strategy of most enterprises will be further deepened. May also affect the upstream and downstream supporting, such as film (mold) agents, correction equipment and other product design indicators transformation.

Dynamic 2: fully cast aluminum formwork system

When the surface of aluminum alloy is directly exposed to air, it is easy to produce a thick 0.15mm dense oxide film on the surface, which has a high melting point and can easily lead to performance degradation after welding. The cast aluminum system reduces the welding machining and the welding strength loss. Of course, the strength improvement of the extrusion process is also lost. According to the different process and technical difficulties, in general, the cast aluminum system needs to break through four kinds of difficulties, design difficulty, manufacturing difficulty, equipment investment and understanding of aluminum formwork system. At present, some advanced cast aluminum formwork systems in China are becoming more and more mature, and the above problems are gradually breaking through. with the reduction of manufacturing costs, it is worthy of the attention of the industry. Especially in the template assembly, the production of non-standard parts, there may be a price advantage.

Because of its excellent product characteristics, aluminum formwork is very consistent with the high-quality development characteristics of construction industrialization. in the next decade or even longer, the market share will further increase steadily, and the market prospect will still be good.

In 2020, due to the help of policies, the maturity of the market, the adjustment of the internal market pattern of the aluminum template industry and other factors, the industry ushered in a rare boom range. At the same time, the rapid growth of production capacity, homogenization competition, the gradual deceleration of market capacity growth, and the emergence of new models are bound to bring new challenges to aluminum mold enterprises. Gradually develop, gradually mature, with higher efficiency, better service, lower cost to provide products to consumers is the necessity of the sustained and healthy development of the industry, is the eternal law of the rise and fall of enterprises. Aluminum template entrepreneurs should deeply understand the complexity of the changes in the aluminum template market, keenly perceive market changes, make plans in advance, and dynamically explore the direction of new profits and brilliant development of enterprises.

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