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Tesla applied to develop another 100 hectares of land for the Berlin Super Factory.
Sep 18,2020 17:01CST
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SMM: it is reported that Tesla has submitted an application to the government of the state of Brandenburg in Germany to develop another 100 hectares of forest land for the Berlin super factory.

The emission control department of the Brandenburg Department of Environment confirmed that the company had submitted a preliminary application for the development of 100 hectares of land. It is not clear whether environmental audits will also be conducted during the application review process, which will further complicate the application process.

Tesla initially planned to develop only 150ha of land, then revised the plan in June to expand the area to 190ha. Together with the latest application, the company plans to develop a total of about 300 hectares of land. At present, Tesla's Berlin factory has developed 90 hectares of forest land.

Tesla has also submitted a second new preliminary application, according to the Teslamag website. Evan Horetsky, head of Tesla's Berlin factory, made it clear last week that the application might be related to production machinery.

So far, the construction of Tesla's Berlin plant is only based on a temporary permit under the federal emission control bill (Federal Immission Control Act). J ö rg Steinbach, the environment minister in Brandenburg, said a final environmental permit was expected to be issued in mid-December 2020; the government would clarify 406 objections to the project on September 23.

Steinbach also said that based on market conditions, the plant could create 40, 000 jobs over the next decade. Of the 12000 jobs originally planned, the first 6000 jobs are related to production and management.

The, Tesla Motors Club website recently announced plans to build a superfactory in Tesla, which started much later than the Berlin plant. The Texas plant will build Cybertruck, Model 3, Model Y and Semi electric trucks. Production testing of Cybertruck could begin as early as May 2021.

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