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China's Enfei pressure oxidation (iron removal from hematite) technology spreads good news again in the field of zinc smelting.
Sep 18,2020 16:15CST
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SMM: recently, good news came from Yunxi Wenshan Zinc and Indium smelting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yunxi Wenshan"). As of June 25, China Enfei Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Enfei") completed the engineering design and core technology and equipment research and development of Yunxi Wenshan 100000 tons of zinc per year and 60 tons of indium per year smelting technical transformation project to achieve an output of 60490.2 tons of zinc ingots, and the actual production capacity reached 109.7% of the design capacity. Hit a new high since it was put into production.

At the end of 2018, the project was successfully put into production and reached 11000 tons of electricity zinc in July 2019. Since it was put into operation for more than 2 years, the project has run smoothly, the comprehensive energy consumption is low, the production cost is at a lower level than that of the same industry, and the recovery rates of zinc, indium and copper have reached the advanced indicators of the domestic zinc smelting industry. At the same time, the hematite produced by the project contains more than 58% iron and can be used as ironmaking raw materials, thus realizing the resource utilization of iron elements, eliminating the risk of environmental pollution caused by the accumulation of traditional zinc smelting iron slag, and achieving a substantial reduction of zinc smelting slag.

Iron removal from hematite is the most environmentally friendly zinc smelting process at present, which is difficult in engineering and high in production management. After years of technical research, Enfei and relevant enterprises and universities in China have designed and adopted the process of "reductive leaching-iron removal from hematite" to deal with high-iron sphalerite, and independently developed a complete set of large-scale equipment for "reductive leaching-iron removal from hematite-iron slag recycling". In addition, China Enfei has also made a lot of innovations in intelligent management, zinc stripping machine, acid treatment, gypsum resource utilization and so on, and achieved good results.

The continuous and stable over-production operation of Yunxi Wenshan zinc indium project marks that China has become the second country to master a complete set of iron removal technology for zinc smelting hematite after Japan. it also marks the successful application of China's Enfei pressure oxidation technology in the field of zinc smelting and the further improvement of the company's R & D strength in large-scale complete sets of pressure leaching equipment. In the future, China's Enfei will continue to forge ahead and make greater contributions to the continuous improvement of the technical and economic level of zinc smelting. Pressure leaching technology can effectively reduce carbon and sulfur emissions, reduce energy consumption, deal with complex, low-grade and difficult resources, comprehensively recover valuable metals, and realize energy saving and environmental protection, green smelting and clean production.

As early as the 1970s, China Enfei successfully developed high temperature pressure leaching technology. Since then, it has been continuously reformed and innovated, gradually turning pressure leaching technology into one of the company's core expertise technologies. At present, Enfei in China has extended the pressure leaching technology to smelting fields such as laterite nickel ore, copper-cobalt concentrate, nickel sulphide concentrate, lead-zinc concentrate, copper anode slime, refractory gold ore, rare precious metals, polymetallic complex refractory ores, and so on. It has created a number of "firsts" at home and abroad: the Baxin Rimu project is the first successful application case of pressure acid leaching of laterite nickel ore implemented by Chinese enterprises. It is one of the few projects that can run stably and reach production, and it is also the lowest-cost project in the same period in the world. Huayou project is the first project in China to use pressure oxygen leaching technology to treat cobalt copper sulphide ore; Yunnan Hualian Zinc Indium Project is the first case in China and the second case in the world to use pressure oxidation technology to remove iron from hematite. Fukang project is the first project in China to use pressure oxygen leaching to treat high nickel matte. In addition, China Enfei has also successfully completed Jilin Jilin Nickel Sulfate 10,000 tons project, Jinchuan Company 30,000 tons nickel / year pressure leaching project, Jinchuan Company copper anode mud pressure leaching project and so on. In related fields, the company has won national, provincial and ministerial awards for many times and currently has nearly 100 patents.

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