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[automobile Summit] where are the opportunities for the localization of materials for the development of the fuel cell industry?
Sep 17,2020 12:06CST
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SMM9 March 17: at the 2020 (2nd) China Industry Expo New Materials Forum held by SMM-China Automotive New Materials Application Summit and China (8th) Aluminum processing Industry chain supply and demand Trading Summit and China (second) Copper processing Industry chain supply and demand Trading Summit, Hou Zhongjun, Deputy General Manager of SAIC Jie hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd., brought you a keynote speech on "SAIC's fuel Cell vehicle industrialization Progress". Mainly from the development and application of fuel cell technology, SAIC fuel cell, and discussed the common problems existing in the industry, battery materials and other industry focus issues.

Development and Application of fuel Cell Technology

International fuel cell vehicles have gradually entered a period of industrial development.

The Development of fuel Cell vehicles in China

Opportunities for the Development of domestic fuel Cell vehicles

Development of SAIC fuel cell vehicles

SAIC fuel cell vehicle development

The formation of bus, passenger car, light passenger light / medium truck, heavy 5 major vehicle application platform vehicle application platform;

Cover passenger (household,) freight (logistics sanitation) and other scenarios

Take the lead in entering the field of passenger cars with high power stack, reach the international advanced level, and realize national sales.

Fuel Cell industrialization Scheme under SAIC's "New four Modernization" Strategy

Common problems existing in the industry at present

Material problems in the Development of fuel Cell Industry

Cost accounts for a high proportion

High technical content

Key Materials in the Development of fuel Cell Industry in China

There is still a gap between the performance of core materials and international products.

The development of the material industry is still in its infancy, and the scale and quality need to be developed rapidly.

The core material of the membrane pole in the stack needs to have the ability of localization as soon as possible.

The cost of membrane electrode material accounts for 70-75% of the cost of stack material,

Catalyst, proton exchange membrane and gas diffusion layer (carbon fiber paper) account for 80-85% of the cost of electrode materials.

Foreign enterprises basically monopolize the market of three core materials.

The Strategy of promoting the Localization of Core Materials

1. Through the demand traction of product design, cooperate with domestic enterprises and research institutions to improve the performance level of core materials.

2. Through the application pull of the whole vehicle, the quality and capacity of domestic core materials can be improved as soon as possible.


Fuel cell technology is basically mature, and the automobile has entered the initial stage of industrial development with broad application prospects in the fields of energy and transportation.

After years of continuous development, SAIC fuel cell vehicles have the conditions for industrialization. The current battery products have been put into the market, and the PROME P390 fuel cell system of Jethydrogen Technology has also reached the world-class level, which is accelerating the quantity landing and market promotion and application of the products.

The rapid promotion of the key material industry is that the common problems in the development of China's fuel battery industry need to make a rapid breakthrough through the coordination of upstream and downstream, industry, university and research.

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