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Mercedes plans to use solid-state battery technology in city buses
Sep 17,2020 09:38CST
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SMM: according to reports, Mercedes-Benz said: "generally speaking, vehicles with standard solid-state batteries will not appear until around 2025." But Mercedes-Benz is faster: the new eCitaro G is the first mass-produced city bus of its kind in the world with solid-state batteries. "

It is generally not expected that solid-state battery technology can achieve mass production in a short period of time. Toyota had previously said it would not start producing solid-state battery cars until 2025, and production was limited. Fisker has also delayed plans to use the technology. The development of solid-state battery technology is not plain sailing.

Compared with other manufacturers' solid-state battery technology, Mercedes-Benz's technology seems to be "compromised". When it comes to solid-state batteries, manufacturers have been emphasizing their ultra-fast charging speed (from zero to full in only about 15 minutes) and higher energy density. As for Mercedes' solid-state batteries, they are reflected in higher energy density (25% higher than the company's latest lithium-ion battery technology), but the company says its fast-charging capacity of solid-state batteries is limited.

If you want to buy a bus that can recharge quickly, you should consider Mercedes' lithium battery model, which is not comparable to solid-state batteries in terms of mileage. The company said its solid-state battery pack has a capacity of 441 kWh, while its lithium battery has a capacity of 396kWh. The company did not disclose the mileage of the new solid-state battery model, but it is estimated that the solid-state battery model should have 10% more mileage than the lithium battery model.

Another advantage of solid-state batteries is their longer service life. Mercedes offers a longer warranty for solid-state batteries: 10 years or 280 MWh per pack.

Mercedes claims to be "a technological leader not only in buses, but also in global car manufacturing". But Mercedes has not disclosed plans to use solid-state batteries in its mass-produced cars. In any case, however, solid-state battery technology is beginning to be used in public buses, which is still gratifying news, although the battery capacity is temporarily limited.

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