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[important] after the epidemic, the automobile industry chain should have a strong charge! It's the day after tomorrow that the bosses gather together and don't miss the opportunity!
Sep 15,2020 18:11CST
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After the epidemic, the automobile industry chain is recovering. Although there is policy support from all parties, iron striking still needs to be hard. If enterprises want to achieve considerable development, they also need more professional platforms, extensive industry resources and more learning opportunities. With the help of various forces, enterprises will be healthier and stronger and move forward to a higher platform!

In order to promote the innovative and integrated development of new materials and the automotive industry, jointly discuss automotive material solutions, create a closed loop for the green development of the automotive industry chain, and help the construction of a leading new energy automobile industry cluster, under the guidance of the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission and the Shanghai Federation of Industrial economy, on September 17, The 2020 (second) China Industry Expo New Materials Forum-China Automotive New Materials Application Summit Forum, jointly organized by Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Shanghai Automotive Engineering Society, Suzhou Die casting Technology Association and Shanghai Nonferrous net Information Technology Co., Ltd., And China (8th) aluminum processing industry chain supply and demand trading summit, and China (second) copper processing industry chain supply and demand trading summit will be officially held in Shanghai Sanjia Port Greenland Hotel Convention Center.

This meeting received strong support and attention from people in the industry. after the start of the meeting, major enterprises enthusiastically signed up to participate, and there is no lack of many leading representatives of the industry. At the meeting, SMM also invited many industry experts, academic representatives, corporate bigwigs and senior analysts to give you a comprehensive interpretation and a demonstration of the current application of advanced technology. In addition, SMM also arranged the enterprise face-to-face supply and demand exchange link on the spot. This is undoubtedly a tailor-made opportunity for everyone.

We work hand in hand to explore new opportunities

Challenge yourself and create new heights!

The meeting will be held soon. Scan the QR code in the picture below as soon as possible to check the details of the meeting, the business cards of the guests and sign up online to participate in the on-site exchange of the meeting.


The time of the summit: September 17-18.

Check-in time and place: 08:00-09:00 1F Green Hall

Please bring along: my business card or registration confirmation message to get the representative card and conference information kit at the check-in office.

Venue: Greenland Hotel Convention Center, Sanjia Port, Shanghai (6666 Huaxia East Road, Pudong New area, Shanghai)

If you do not sign up online, you can also sign up at the summit.

Scan the code to sign up for the summit or apply to join the SMM industry exchange group.

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