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The quality of the 3 millionth vehicle of Beijing Mercedes-Benz has been officially taken off the line.
Sep 15,2020 16:36CST
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SMM: recently, with the first domestic new generation of Mercedes-Benz long-wheelbase E-class cars off the final assembly line, Beijing Mercedes-Benz has entered the "3 million era", setting up another important milestone in the journey of the Star Emblem.

The 3 million vehicles produced by Beijing Mercedes-Benz are offline.

Fifteen years ago, the first Mercedes-Benz car produced by Beijing Mercedes-Benz was an E-class car. From the first to the third millionth, the third-generation E-class cars have experienced the rapid changes of Beijing Mercedes-Benz, and also witnessed the consistent pursuit of quality of Beijing Mercedes-Benz. At Beijing Mercedes-Benz, quality is given two special meanings: high-quality corporate behavior with strategic, cultural and social responsibility as the core, and high-quality development with high-end manufacturing as the approach and high-quality products as the goal. Focusing on quality, Beijing Mercedes-Benz continues to enhance its comprehensive strength and accelerate "Mercedes-Benz" in the process of achieving a cumulative output of more than 3 million vehicles.

From 0 to 1: same brand, same quality

August 8, 2005, Beijing Mercedes-Benz was officially established, and adhering to the concept of "the same brand, the same quality" opened the journey of the Star Emblem. More than four months later, the first batch of domestic Mercedes-Benz E-Class cars, including E280 and E200K, came out, which became the starting point for the high-end automobile manufacturing industry in the capital. The historic breakthrough from 0 to 1 is not only the first step in the localization of Mercedes-Benz brand, but also the first practice of Beijing Mercedes-Benz's commitment to "the same brand, the same quality". In the following 15 years, Beijing Mercedes-Benz has been committed to providing products and services consistent with the unified global standards of Mercedes-Benz, so that more Chinese customers can realize their dream of Mercedes-Benz for a century.

1 million Advanced: tamp the foundation of quality

Beijing Mercedes-Benz, which stands on a high starting point, is not in a hurry for success, but through 11 years of strength accumulation, tamping the quality foundation for the gradually accelerated product serialization production. BAIC and Daimler shareholders cooperate sincerely to develop a platform-based and quality-centered development strategy for Beijing Mercedes-Benz.

Taking this as the blueprint, Beijing Mercedes-Benz has gradually established a luxury car manufacturing system integrating R & D, engine manufacturing and vehicle production. In this system, each link cooperates closely to protect the product quality: in the intelligent manufacturing system, robots are widely used in the four major processes of stamping, welding, painting and final assembly, with micron precision. Complete the relevant processes efficiently and accurately to ensure the consistency of product quality; The quality management system covers the three core production areas of parts, engines and vehicles, ensuring that the products delivered in each production link go through several stringent quality checks, so that the quality of Star Emblem runs through every link of product production.

At the same time, Beijing Mercedes-Benz has actively promoted cultural construction, established the core values of "customer first, sense of responsibility and integrity", and promoted all Beijing Mercedes-Benz people to promise quality, achieve the unity of thought and action, and devote themselves to "Mercedes-Benz. Made in China!" The corporate mission.

Quality foundation continues to give birth to results. In 2010, the domestic brand-new long wheelbase E-class car based on the ninth generation E-class car was officially off the line. Beijing Mercedes-Benz brought the first Mercedes-Benz car "made in China, exclusive to China" to Mercedes-Benz global standards. Six years later, Beijing Mercedes-Benz Station reached a new level of 1 million vehicles, opening the next important stage of development.

2 million leapfrogging: quality Assurance upgrade

Relying on the profound strength accumulated in the early stage, Beijing Mercedes-Benz has been on the fast track of high-quality development, reaching the offline of the second million vehicles in just two years. During this period, in the face of the wave of the "new four modernizations", Beijing Mercedes-Benz made great efforts to increase the intelligent manufacturing, with the help of digital power to further ensure quality.

At Beijing Mercedes-Benz, automation equipment and automatic operation of big data complement each other, can be real-time monitoring and analysis of every production link to avoid possible defects. In addition, through digital Synchronize, R & D, logistics, production, quality and other processes can be interconnected, ensuring that each car is produced in accordance with Mercedes-Benz global standards and order requirements, and finally delivered to customers.

Beijing Mercedes-Benz's quality management system is also getting smarter. Based on big data, industrial Internet of things and other technologies, the intelligent quality management system can collect the real-time status of a large number of production process monitoring points, correlate and analyze historical trends, and carry out potential risk early warning, such as weather forecast. provide effective solutions for quality management.

With its high-end manufacturing standards, Beijing Mercedes-Benz has been fully recognized by the industry: in 2017, Beijing Mercedes-Benz won the award of "Global operational Excellence Factory", becoming the first Chinese vehicle manufacturer to win the world's top manufacturing award.

In the same year, Beijing Mercedes-Benz also made a major breakthrough in local research and development. Beijing Mercedes-Benz prototype car factory-Daimler's first overseas prototype car factory-was officially completed, and Beijing Mercedes-Benz made key progress in product maturity and stability. As the 2 millionth vehicle off the line of Beijing Mercedes-Benz, the new long wheelbase A-class sedan created a historical record that all quality release standards passed at the initial stage of trial installation of the prototype car factory, confirming Beijing Mercedes-Benz's upgrading of quality assurance.

3 million Transcendence: a New pattern of quality

Not only that, Beijing Mercedes-Benz has always maintained a strong momentum of development, not only completed the self-transcendence of the third million vehicles within 22 months, but also opened up a new pattern for the omni-directional promotion of quality, and its comprehensive strength leapt again: while high-quality development, focus on corporate social responsibility, and actively practice high-quality corporate responsibility.

In 2019, with the completion of the second engine factory and power battery factory, Beijing Mercedes-Benz completed the integration of traditional fuel engine and power battery, and the power platform was upgraded by leaps and bounds. In the same year, Beijing Mercedes-Benz successively put into production of EQC pure electric SUV and AMG, becoming the first automobile manufacturing enterprise in China to achieve full coverage of cars, SUV, pure electric vehicles and high-performance vehicles, ushering in a historic transcendence of the product matrix.

At the same time, as an important participant in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei automobile industry ecosystem, Beijing Mercedes-Benz's two major breakthroughs in platforms and products provide optimization and development power for building an intelligent supply chain system; in addition, Beijing Mercedes-Benz comprehensively promotes green manufacturing and works with suppliers to establish a sustainable green supply chain system.

In 2020, under the situation that the global epidemic hit the automobile industry hard, Beijing Mercedes-Benz took the lead in carrying out the two-line campaign of "epidemic prevention and stable operation". Under the premise of ensuring that all employees are "0 confirmed, 0 suspected and 0 infected", Beijing Mercedes-Benz completed the production of new GLA SUV and a new generation of long-wheelbase E-class cars, achieved a "core" breakthrough with a cumulative engine output of 3 million units, and won a phased victory in the two-line campaign.

In the war against the "epidemic", Beijing Mercedes-Benz has also demonstrated its corporate responsibility. At the first time of the outbreak, Beijing Mercedes-Benz joined hands with Beijing Mercedes-Benz sales and Service Co., Ltd. and dealers to donate love funds through the China Youth Development Foundation Mercedes-Benz Star wish Fund. As of June, relevant funds have been implemented to support the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Based on quality, continue to make progress. In the face of the complex industry environment and fierce industry competition, Beijing Mercedes-Benz will, with the support of BAIC and Daimler, deepen the quality process and enhance its core competitiveness. continue to provide Chinese consumers with products and services consistent with Mercedes-Benz global standards, and make greater contributions to the capital's automobile industry and economic development.


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