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[recommended by famous enterprises] "quality first, Service first" Jianghua Metallurgy helps to promote the 2020 (10th) Summit of recycled lead Battery Industry
Sep 15,2020 16:16CST
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With the continuous promotion of China's manufacturing power strategy and green development strategy, intelligent manufacturing and circular economy have become the main trend of the development of recycled lead battery industry. As for the lead industry chain, especially the recycled lead industry, in the environmental protection rectification and reform in recent years, the industrial structure continues to upgrade and compliance capacity expands rapidly. The upstream and downstream of the recycled lead battery industry, green development, continuous innovation is also the goal of enterprises, high-quality products, honesty and trustworthiness is their commitment to customers.

Zhuzhou Jianghua Metallurgical Industry Co., Ltd., as the recommended unit of the 2020 (10th) regenerated lead Battery Industry Summit, will welcome the friends of its peers and create a story together when the green development strategy is put into practice.

Zhuzhou Jianghua Metallurgical Industry Co., Ltd.

Zhuzhou Jianghua Metallurgical Industry Co., Ltd., located in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, is a comprehensive entity with more than ten years of experience in the metallurgical industry, integrating scientific research, production and management. Specializing in the production of environment-friendly slag remover (slag reducer) and other auxiliary materials for non-ferrous metal production, suitable for slag removal in non-ferrous metal smelting. Product environmental protection, energy saving, effectively improve the direct yield of smelting products and product quality, can effectively reduce production costs. Especially in the slag removal of non-ferrous metals such as electrolytic lead, alloy lead, lead plate and lead-acid battery grid, the metal lead contained in the slag can be fully and effectively recovered, the lead yield can be increased, and the secondary oxidation of lead liquid can be prevented. When the product is in use, smokeless, non-irritating gas and toxic gas are produced, and the environmental protection effect is remarkable. It is the best product of the same type of slag remover at present.

The company has a strong technical force, has an experienced scientific research and after-sales service team, committed to improving smelting technology. The product formula can be improved according to the professional proportion of customer demand, and strive to meet the production requirements of every customer. After the product has been put on the market, it has effectively improved the technological quality of the smelting industry and won the reputation and praise for its use. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system, and the factory has a modern production line covering an area of nearly 100 mu.

Companies in the spirit of "quality first, service first" purpose, to provide customers with quality products and good after-sales service.

The company is well received by customers for its integrity, strength and product quality, high-quality service attitude and fast logistics channels.

Wholeheartedly welcome customers and friends to come, call, letter to contact to negotiate business!

Contact information: Manager of Bao 13617334477 Manager Zhou 15873307588 Address: room 1307, building B, Hanhua international, Lusong district, Zhujiang city, Hunan province

Blessing 2020 (10th) Renewable lead Battery Industry Summit braving the Wind and waves

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