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Jiangsu Energy Supervision Office: pay close attention to the implementation of distributed Photovoltaic subsidy Policy
Sep 15,2020 14:12CST
Source:Jiangsu can supervise the office
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SMM: in order to deeply implement the development idea of "people-centered", strive to solve the common problems that people complain and report to the 12398 energy supervision hotline, and further promote the sustained and healthy development of the energy market, the Jiangsu Energy Regulatory Office held a supervision meeting on the general issues of the 12398 hotline on September 8 to inform the people of the common problems reflected by the 12398 energy supervision hotline since 2020. And listen to the provincial power company's report on the handling of common issues.

Recently, the Jiangsu Energy Regulatory Office has carefully combed all kinds of work orders received by the 12398 hotline and found that there are three types of problems that are closely related to the interests of the people, such as inadequate subsidies for distributed photovoltaic power generation, non-standard construction management of charging piles, and frequent power outages. In order to solve these common problems, which are strongly reflected by the people, recurring and prominent contradictions, Jiangsu Energy Regulatory Office has repeatedly put forward regulatory requirements to Jiangsu Electric Power Company, prompting Jiangsu Electric Power Company to study and introduce relevant policies. This supervision meeting mainly listened to the relevant policy formulation and implementation adopted by the provincial electric power company to solve the above three types of problems. After listening to the relevant situation, the Jiangsu Energy Regulatory Office put forward requirements for doing a good job in the next step of work. First, to improve the political position, we must adhere to the development idea of "people-centered", always take the interests of the people at heart, grasp them in hand, and implement them in action. Second, relevant policies and measures should be introduced and implemented, and in view of the common problems strongly reflected by the people, it is necessary to study and formulate practical policies and measures to enable the people to use electricity safely, reliably and comfortably, and the subsidy policy for distributed photovoltaic power generation should be implemented as soon as possible. Third, we should strengthen the disclosure of information and promptly disclose the standards, conditions, and requirements for handling matters relating to the practical interests of users, such as the construction of charging piles, so that the masses can do things clearly. Fourth, to enhance the awareness of service, we should be anxious about the urgent needs of the masses, think about what the masses think, seriously analyze and study the common problems that occur repeatedly and have prominent contradictions, put forward solutions in a timely manner, and conscientiously do a good job in pacifying the thinking of the masses.

Notification of Regional Complaints and reports on the 12398 Hotline in Jiangsu Province in August 2020

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of energy investors, operators and users, maintain the order of the energy market, perform regulatory duties in accordance with the law, and actively smooth the channels for complaints and reports, to give full play to the role of 12398 (including 12398 telephone, fax, e-mail, etc.) energy supervision hotline, the handling of complaints and reports in Jiangsu region of the 12398 Energy Supervision Hotline in August 2020 is reported as follows:

I. basic situation

(1) receipt of valid information

In August 2020, the 12398 hotline received a total of 586 valid messages, an increase of 2.45 per cent over the previous month and 37.56 per cent over the same period last year. From the perspective of information classification: 30 complaints and reports, of which 29 were transferred to Jiangsu Energy Regulatory Office; 476 were consulted; 80 were praised, asked for help, suggestions and other aspects. From the perspective of reflection channels, there were 569 energy regulatory hotlines in 12398, 3 e-mails, 13 messages and 1 other.

(2) Classification

Among the valid messages received in August 2020, 483 were in the electric power industry, accounting for 82.42%; 55 in the new energy and renewable energy industry, accounting for 9.38%; 10 in the oil and gas industry, accounting for 1.71%; and 38 other matters, accounting for 6.49%.

Of the 29 complaints, 28 were in the power industry and 1 in the new energy and renewable energy industries. Among the complaints and reports of the power industry, there are 22 cases of power supply services, 4 cases of power safety, 1 case of cost, price and charge, and 1 case of market access. One item in terms of subsidies and costs for new and renewable energy.

(3) Regional distribution

In August 2020, 6 complaints were reported in Suzhou and Yancheng, 4 in Huai'an, Nanjing and Xuzhou, 2 in Taizhou, 1 in Lianyungang, Suqian and Yangzhou.

II. The main problems reflected in the reporting of complaints

(1) in terms of power supply services: first, there is no advance notice of power outages in power supply enterprises, which affects the production and life of users; second, power supply enterprises fail to deal with the frequent power outages reported by users in time, which affects the production and life of users; third, users apply for industry expansion, the power supply company did not deal with it in a timely manner; fourth, users report that the power supply company has changed its name in violation of regulations and transferred ownership. Fifth, users are dissatisfied with the charging standard of the power supply company and the installation location of the charging pile after the charging pile application, and think that it is difficult to apply for the charging pile electricity business.

(2) Power safety: users report that there are hidden dangers in power supply facilities, which affect the normal production and life of users.

(3) cost prices and charges and market access: first, it reflects that there is no staff signature on the electricity invoice; second, it reflects the existence of unqualified construction in many enterprises.

III. Investigation and handling of complaints and reports

The Jiangsu Energy Regulatory Office has investigated and dealt with 29 complaints accepted in August, 24 of which have been completed, and the remaining 5 are under investigation and processing.

IV. Selection and compilation of cases

A user in Jingjiang City, Taizhou complained to the power supply company that the complainants belonged to photovoltaic power generation users connected to the grid in 2016, but the electricity charges from June to August 2020 were not settled. The investigation shows that the matter is true. Due to the abnormal business system of the power supply company, the electricity bill could not be settled in time after meter reading in May. At present, the electricity bill has been settled in mid-August. Our office has asked the power supply department to inspect and maintain the system regularly in the future, and eliminate the defects in time when problems are found, so as to avoid repeated complaints caused by system problems.

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