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The first "5G +" intelligent model workshop in the concentrator of Jinchuan Group has been put into operation.
Sep 15,2020 11:05CST
[Jinchuan Group Concentrator's first "5G+" intelligent model workshop was put into operation] recently, the "5G+" intelligent upgrading and renovation project of the first concentrator workshop of the concentrator has been successful, marking the first intelligent model workshop to be put into operation under the guidance of the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing".
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SMM News: recently, the success of the "5G +" intelligent upgrade and renovation project of a concentrator indicates that the plant is guided by the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing" and the first intelligent model workshop has been put into operation.

The "5G+" intelligent upgrading and transformation project of the first mineral processing workshop is an important measure for the concentrator to thoroughly solve the disadvantages of traditional production organization and management, apply advanced information technology, speed up the transformation of intelligence and digitalization, and innovate to promote the development of high quality mineral processing. An important measure to create an international first-class intelligent mineral processing and ecological mineral processing. On the basis of the original production control system, the project integrates and upgrades four major systems, namely automation control, intelligent vision analysis, data acquisition and on-line point inspection, to form a "four modernizations" management platform with management informationization, production process automation, safety monitoring digitization, and information management intelligence as the core. The construction goals of one-button start and stop of the whole system operation, automatic research and judgment of the whole process equipment status, real-time dynamic observation of long-distance VR scene, real-time dynamic safety management and control of production process, and real-time push of production data are realized, and the "5G +" results of real-time information perception, data interconnection, fault diagnosis and prediction, system integration, intelligent production and unmanned control are achieved.

The successful implementation of the "5G+" intelligent upgrading and transformation project has thoroughly changed the traditional operation mode of the concentrator for decades, realizing automatic operation in production links such as manual iron unloading and manual inspection, and continuously reducing the labor intensity of post workers. the level of essential safety control and on-site civilized production has been effectively improved, and the working environment of workers has been effectively improved. At present, the number of operators per shift has been reduced from 15 to 17 to 3 to 5, which has greatly improved labor productivity.

In the next step, the concentrator will continue to adhere to the global vision, open thinking and international standards, explore the innovation, promotion and application of the new era technology of "5G + mineral processing", and comprehensively promote the intrinsically safe, intelligent and green ecological construction of mineral processing, start a new journey of digital mineral processing, and create a leader in international first-class wisdom and ecological mineral processing.

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