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Xiangyang Yuanrui booth sponsors the 2020 renewable lead battery industry summit, where we meet the future!
Sep 15,2020 10:57CST
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Independent research and development, scientific and technological innovation.

Green development, Xu Li set sail!

With the continuous promotion of China's manufacturing power strategy and green development strategy, intelligent manufacturing and circular economy have become the main trend of the development of recycled lead battery industry. As for the lead industry chain, especially the recycled lead industry, in the environmental protection rectification and reform in recent years, the industrial structure continues to upgrade and compliance capacity expands rapidly. The upstream and downstream of the recycled lead battery industry, green development, continuous innovation is also the goal of enterprises, high-quality products, honesty and trustworthiness is their commitment to customers.

Xiangyang Yuanrui Resources Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., as the booth sponsor of the 2020 (10th) Renewable lead Battery Industry Summit, will welcome the friends of its peers and create a story together when the green development strategy is put into practice.

Xiangyang Yuanrui

Professional manufacturer of recycled lead equipment

Xiangyang Yuanrui Resources Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of complete sets of equipment for recycling waste lead-acid batteries, with many years of R & D and production experience and a number of core technologies. The enterprise always takes "independent research and development, scientific and technological innovation" as the development concept, and is committed to building the company into a leading enterprise in "R & D and manufacture of recycled lead recovery equipment".

The company has 25 patents and was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in 2017 and a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise in 2018. It won the title of Xiangyang Advanced Talent Unit in the same year and the 11th Hubei Provincial Patent Excellence Award in 2019.

Fine disassembly system of waste lead-acid battery

The company has successively developed four categories of products: fine disassembly and smelting-free clean recycling technology and equipment for waste lead-acid batteries, lead paste pre-desulphurization equipment, automatic ingot casting units, and regenerative lead alloy melting furnaces; for many years, they have been deeply ploughed in the recycled lead market, with excellent products, quality service, good customer relations and rapid response after sales, the products have been sold all over the country. At present, it has cooperated with Camel Group Chukai Metallurgy, Anhui Zhongneng Power supply, Yunnan Zhenxing Group, Guizhou Tianneng Group, Chongqing Deneng Renewable Resources, Guizhou Xinkaida, Guangxi Chaowei Xinfeng, Hechi Fuyuan Metals, Guizhou Cenxiang and other customers, and won the unanimous affirmation and good reputation of users.

In the future, the company will continue to promote scientific and technological research and development and product upgrading, develop product types, improve service and product quality, build a far sharp brand, formulate industry standards for recycled lead equipment, lead the trend of recycled lead industry, open up domestic and foreign markets, and seize the development opportunity of made in China 2025, determined to become the benchmark of recycled lead equipment.

Main products

Lead paste pre-desulfurization system

The new carbon source lead paste pre-desulfurization equipment is to replace the sulfur in the broken lead paste by chemical means, and the lead paste is transported to the solid-liquid mixing tank through the feeding mechanism, which is fully stirred and sent into the reaction kettle through the transport pump. According to the sulfur content of lead paste, a new carbon source desulfurizer is added to the reaction kettle. After the full reaction, a filter press is used to separate the desulphurization lead paste from the sulfate solution. The sulfate solution is transported to the sulfate solution storage tank, and after rest, the sulfate crystal and evaporated water are crystallized through the MVR crystallization tower. Evaporated water is transported to a clear water tank for reuse as clear water for dissolved carbon salts.

The pre-desulfurization system consists of feeding equipment, solid-liquid mixing tank, reaction kettle, transfer tank, solution storage tank, filter press, steel frame, central control cabinet, etc. The container adopts sealed design to realize clean production; the equipment can be monitored in real time through the data of weight, temperature, pressure and liquid level on the screen, and the equipment such as feeding, stirring and pressure filtration can be controlled on the touch screen according to the data.

Lead paste pre-desulfurization system

Product characteristics and advantages

1. The new carbon source is used for pre-desulphurization of lead paste, and the desulfurization rate of lead paste is more than 98%.

2. Compared with traditional flue gas desulfurization, the energy consumption is reduced, the pre-desulfurization smelting temperature is reduced from 1250 °to 1000 °, the smelting time is shortened, and the production efficiency is increased by 35%.

3. Compared with tail gas desulfurization, smelting waste residue is reduced by 80%.

4. To ensure that the exhaust gas stably meets the emission standard.

Xiangyang Yuanrui Resources Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

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Xiangyang Yuanrui blessed the 2020 (10th) Summit of Renewable lead Battery Industry to ride the Wind and waves

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