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Renault: two new pure electric SUV will be mass produced in the future
Sep 15,2020 09:49CST
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SMM: a few days ago, overseas media reported that Renault plans to launch two new pure electric SUV models in the future to cater to the recent organizational restructuring of the brand. At the same time, Renault said it would refocus on the "C-segment" (European standard compact car) market.

In March 2020, Renault launched an electric concept SUV called MORPHOZ, and the new electric model to be launched in the future is expected to be based on the design language and concept of this concept car. At the same time, Renault's partner Nissan recently officially launched its new pure electric SUV-- Nissan Ariya, based on the new CMF-EV platform Nissan Ariya will also share technology and platform with Renault's new cars in the future.

On September 5, 2020, Renault announced a new organizational structure plan. Renault Group will be divided into four aspects: Renault, Dacia, Alpine and new energy mobile travel in the future. This is one of the first important moves since Renault's new chief executive, Luca de Mayo (Luca de Meo), took office on July 1 this year, and will aim to reverse the company's current state of huge losses.

Editor's comments:

In the first half of 2020, Renault achieved revenue of about 152.3 billion yuan, down 34% from a year earlier, and an operating loss of about 60.2 billion yuan. In the face of such a serious loss, it is particularly important to adjust the overall operation rhythm of the brand in time. Therefore, after the launch of the new Sandero by Dacia not long ago, we have once again seen the rapid response of the Renault brand to organizational restructuring, and this time Renault is looking to the future, through the planning of new pure electric SUV products to promote the development of the brand in the field of new energy, and let us see the determination of Luca de Mayo (Luca de Meo) after taking office.

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